Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman was on WOL tonight, and I thought he was a really good guest. Waltman's done a lot and has a good mind for the business, but he's also had his share of problems over the past decade or so. On this show though he really came across like he's doing well, and I hope that's the case because so many people in wrestling seems to have nice things to say about him.

There was also a great little bit of unintentional comedy at the end. Waltman made clear that he isn't doing as much high flying any more, particularly relative to the guys in Wrestle Society X. So that led to this little exchange. Bryan: “Are you at the point where you’d rather be blown up than do high flying?” Sean: “No, I’d like to do it all.” So stay tuned to Wrestle Society X for Sean Waltman flying high and being blown up.


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