Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pillman CD

I got a chance to listen to the Brian Pillman Final Interviews CD. Interesting stuff. It's highlights of some interviews with him from late in his life, as he is trying to get over the Loose Cannon character and during the time when he went from WCW to WWF. It's during the time period when people were playing around with wrestling being a work but it wasn't entirely acceptable to be as upfront about it as people are today. The most striking thing about the interview now is just how obvious it is that Pillman is working to get over his character, from the way he talks about other wrestlers to his response to insider terms to cutting wrestling promos trying to be over the top. It really speaks to how much the business has changed, because it felt like nobody really knew what was going on with him at the time and now it seems so clear. I don't think that type of character could fool anyone today. Everyone would see right through. Pillman's smart, but you can see what he's trying to do as well through his answers. It's also hard to tell what he believes and what he doesn't because he's heeling and you know some of the stuff he says he doesn't believe. And as a random aside, it's amazing the similarities between Brian Pillman in these interviews and Tom Zenk on Wrestling Observer Live. They obviously hung out together a lot, because the delivery is eerily similar. In any event, it's an interesting listen if you're so inclined, and you can find more info here.


Anonymous Jake said...

I'd love to get this CD but the website is defunct. Any ideas?

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