Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"ECW" Report

Oh My God!: WWE set up Bobby Lashley vs. Rob Van Dam for the ECW Title through fan voting, and I would be interested to know what they are trying to do with this.

Conclusive Finishes: 2 of 4.

The Extreme Rundown:

1. Bobby Lashley beat Rene Dupree. Lashley before the match put over Big Show and said he could have another shot at the title if he wants it. He said fans could vote on WWE.com for his next opponent in two weeks: Sabu, Test or Rob Van Dam. It would seem they are following through on the plans to turn him heel, because RVD would almost certainly be chosen and will almost certainly be cheered over Lashley. Then again, they also seem to be building up Test vs. Lashley, and if that’s the case this whole scenario is idiotic. Also, if they want to do Cyber Sunday every year, they should protect the online voting gimmick to make it seem rare and special.

Lashley plugged the Tribute to the Troops, and that brought out Dupree. Dupree called Lashley a corporate puppet just like the troops. He said they need the uplift because they are getting their asses kicked. This led into the match. Lashley seemed nervous and did not deliver a good promo at all. Lashley then won a quick match with body slams, a gorilla press, a belly to belly, the electric chair, a delayed vertical suplex, a spear, and the dominator.

2. Matt Striker beat Balls Mahoney. Brad Armstrong did commentary during this match for no apparent reason. He wasn’t very good, and bickered with Tazz over nothing. Striker used a kick to the head, choke and went after the arm. Balls came back with punches, clotheslines and a sit down power bomb. He missed a leg drop off the top and Striker hit the golden rule for the pin. Backstage, Test said there shouldn’t be a vote for the challenger to Lashley, because he has beaten RVD already. He ordered fans to vote for him. Rob Van Dam said he wanted another shot at the title and he’s the biggest reason to watch ECW. They didn’t give Sabu an interview along those lines, and that was a good decision.

Hardcore Holly said there is a rumor that he tapped out to CM Punk, but that wasn’t what really happened. Holly called out Punk and said Punk couldn’t make him tap. Punk came out, but Holly said he only had three minutes. Punk went for the anaconda vise a bunch of times early. Holly then worked him over the rest of the time. Punk went for the vise at the end but Holly went to the eyes. The time elapsed, and as Punk argued with the referee for no reason Holly jumped him from behind and gave him the Alabama slam. Punk looked like an idiot here abiding by pointless stipulations, and his careful protection looks to be over. I hope this isn’t the return of parity booking.

3. Great Khali beat Shannon Moore via disqualification. Moore got into a confrontation backstage with Daivari, who challenged him to a match. Instead, Khali wrestled. He hit the tree slam when Tommy Dreamer ran in and attacked Daivari on the outside, and for some reason the referee called for the bell. Khali punched a chair into Dreamer’s head and gave Dreamer the tree slam on the steps. They sold this as some sort of serious angle and the most dangerous situation ever, which fell really flat because a) Ric Flair did an even more serious angle and returned two weeks later and b) Dreamer has taken at least a hundred bumps worse than this over the years. Mike Knox backstage said he is the real victim, because Kelly Kelly made him look stupid.

4. Test beat Rob Van Dam and Sabu in a triple threat match. RVD hit a standing moonsault on Test, and avoided a Test pump handle slam attempt. RVD went to the top but Test pushed him to the floor. Sabu gave Test a springboard elbow and springboard leg drop. Test crotched Sabu on the top. Sabu and RVD teamed up for some double team moves and sent Test to the outside. Sabu gave RVD a springboard clothesline and springboard elbow. RVD crotched Sabu and hit a kick off the top rope. RVD hit the five star but Test threw RVD to the outside and covered RVD for the finish. Tazz then came in and announced RVD won the voting and would get the title shot. RVD celebrated until Test gave him the yakuza kick and the show ended. This was a good match.

Please Don’t Go:

This show was dull and poorly booked.


Anonymous tyson said...

I thought the show had pretty good action. An extremely hot crowd and WWE could easily book an ECW PPV there with no problem. The crowd was into all the acts. Lashley was better on the mic than I've ever seen him. You could tell the crowd was very appreciative of the product. This show was definitely one of the more watchable ECW shows. I didn't think it dragged at all. Ive been thinking for months they might bring back Taz for a little while for some in ring, but if that was Brad's tryout Taz sure as hell buried him, his frustration peaking with a "jesus christ" after Armstrongs line about "Striker schooling Balls". The one problem I did have was with the main event. I thought the match was rushed but fairly booked. What's up with Sabu man? He has been atrocious in the ring for the past couple months. His timing is off, his moves aren't crisp, and the rope moves. Here's to a Springboard Arm Drag in the near future. His physical health looks to be deteriorating at an alarming rate as well. That was by far the skinniest and smallest I have ever seen Sabu. I know it's hard to lift for power at his age, but god damn. RVD owns that brand and giving Lashley a rub in a great match would help Lashley a hell of a lot more than it hurts RVD. There is more room for growth in ECW than in any other brand. I think it deserves one of your review/previews as you've watched nearly every show since the rebirth. Oh and WWE are such bastards. I mean they have their timing down to the point when my DVR cut off at 11:05 EST tonight Taz was turning to point at the ECW tiny-tron to announce the winning vote getter. I guess they really want people watching the live feed.

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