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Simpsons Ninth Season

I watched through the Simpsons Season Nine on DVD this week. I am a huge fan of the Simpsons, although I pretty much stopped watching every week's new episode around the 10th or 11th season. Watching season nine reminded me why. There's still plenty of really fun stuff, like Homer going to New York, Homer getting a gun, Lisa and the angel, the carnies, and the Movementarians. However, there's also an increasing move towards really zany plots that are too out there to invest in the characters anymore. I think if you're going all the way with bizarre humor ala Family Guy, fine. But that's not what's best about the Simpsons. The Simpsons has always been best with humor based around real characters, and doing weird comedy bits where the humor is just how weird it is doesn't work as well for the Simpsons. The episode where Principal Skinner is revealed not to be Principal Skinner seems particularly maligned, but I think the Naval Reserve episode or the one where Snake goes after Homer's car or the public sex episode all are too out there as well and aren't particularly funny. It's really a shame, because I don't think there was necessarily any need to move in that direction, and the shift to guest stars and crazy scenarios took away from the focus on developing the characters and the trend just got worse. Oh well. Simpsons built up way more than enough goodwill to fault them too much for not maintaining that level of quality.


Anonymous Steve Khan said...

I'm a HUGE Simpsons fan myself. I have also noticed over the years that they've tried to tailor more towards the type of humour you would see in Family Guy, which is unfortunate because they didn't/don't need to stoop to that level of lame comedy. I also haven't been watching as much (of the newest season) lately, however, the last season or so has shown signs of improvement, and hopefully that's a good sign for The Simpsons Movie.

Overall, like you said, the Simpsons is an amazing show and the fact that its gone on this long is a testament to that. Can you imagine what Family Guy would be like after 10 more season? Yikes.

I enjoy reading the Wikipedia pages on the individual Simpsons episodes. I suggest you do the same (especially for episodes around the Simpsons glory days) if you haven't before.

I also picked up Futurama Volume 2 yesterday. I can't wait for the show's return.

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