Thursday, January 18, 2007

WWE Releases a Number

WWE released a number of guys today, and it's a pretty unobjectionable list. When they've released people in the past there were always a few I thought should have been kept around, but it's hard to argue with this list. Of course, that's also a sign they've inhabited the roster with more people with limited value than in the past. A few thoughts on the people released:
-I never understood why WWE signed Sylvester Terkay. He's got the legitimate credentials, but he's an older guy and not particularly good in the ring. He's one of those guys that's big but doesn't look that big because everyone in WWE is big. He could have been a force in MMA with better timing and luck.
-CW Anderson was lucky to hang around as long as he did. I thought he was fine, but never really fit in the WWE mold and wasn't spectacular to make up for it.
-Jazz is a good woman's wrestler but WWE has never focused on that and I don't know how much value there is in her under any circumstances.
-Rodney Mack is just a guy. No potential to be anything below the bottom of the card. It's funny they still have Teddy Long use his music.
-Tony Mamaluke is good at flying around and taking bumps, but he's so physically unintimidating it's hard to take him seriously in ROH, let alone WWE. He'll go back to ROH I assume and have good matches.
-The Bashams are a decent tag team to have around and are one of the few talents here I could see TNA picking up. But they're not going to be missed.
-I think Al Snow is a really bright wrestling mind, but it sounds like they are just removing his talent contract, so they won't lose that. There was a time when Al Snow was my favorite wrestler around the 1994 period in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and it's really a shame he never caught on as much as he could have. He was a tremendous talent, particularly as a heel.
-I never saw anything in Gymini or Gangrel, and they weren't being used anyway.


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