Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'll be posting more here in the coming weeks. I've been busy getting back into the semester and had a nasty moot court brief to write that is now complete. It's a real relief to have that done, and now the fun part comes with me traveling to New York at UCLA's expense to participate in the Jessup International Moot Court competition (sounds real impressive like, doesn't it?). Our case is on a fictional country that wants entry into a fictional regional economic and social international organization. So the organization says it can get in if it fulfills three obligations. The country does it at great expense but then the organization says it can't get in because of the poor treatment of a minority population that was facilitated by fulfillment of the obligations. So the smaller country gets pissed off, arrests an ambassador, passes some laws restricting foreign businesses, and the lawsuits come flying in both directions. The tough thing about international law is there is so much stuff out there, nothing is binding really, and it's hard to find the stuff that supports what you want to say. Still, there are a lot of fun policy oriented arguments so I'm looking forward to the competition. And not having to write another brief. Yeah, that's particularly sweet.


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