Sunday, March 05, 2006

PWG Results

This was a hot show in front of a very strong audience, towards the higher end of attendance that PWG does.

1. Alex Koslov made Top Gun Talwar submit in a mediocre opener.

2. Disco Machine and Nemesis beat Human Tornado and Scorpio Sky. Sky has a new gimmick that a woman from the audience oils up his abs before the match. Sky brought a chair into the ring, and as he and Tornado argued about that, Disco Machine came off the top with a drop kick that sent Tornado into the chair. That gave Disco the chance to score the pin, and Sky didn’t try to make the save. Tornado challenged Sky for a match at the next show.

3. B-Boy beat Frankie Kazarian. This was one hell of a good match. Kazarian hit the flux capacitor, but B-Boy kicked out and then reversed Kazarian into a rollup for the win.

4. Cape Fear (El Generico and Quicksilver) beat Arrogance (Scott Lost and Chris Bosh) via disqualification. Joey Ryan ran in and meekly attacked Generico for the DQ. Ryan, Super Dragon and Chris Bosh fought after the match. Dino Winwood made a rematch between the two teams for the next show. Frankie Kazarian then came out and said he should be the number one contender. Dino refused, so Kazarian wouldn’t leave the ring. Dino suspended Kazarian, and Kazarian responded by kicking him low. This was a weird angle.

5. Chris Sabin beat Alex Shelley with the cradle shock in a very good technical wrestling with no shortcuts. That’s usually what PWG does after intermission, and this was one of the better matches of that mold. The fans applauded both after the match.

6. Joey Ryan retained the PWG title pinning Kevin Steen with his feet on the ropes. Steen is thankfully back to playing an asshole even as face, which is unquestionably the best role for him.

7. Super Dragon and Davey Richards beat Jack Evans and Roderick Strong. This is worth going out of your way to see. It was a fantastic match with great heat. Evans was coming off the top with a 450 or 630 on Richards, but he was caught in mid-air. Dragon and Richards then executed their combination power bomb/ back cracker on Evans for the pin. Richards challenged anyone in the world to take the titles after the match. They have something special with this Dragon/Richards team. The tag titles may actually be bigger than the heavyweight title right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Haven't seen this show and probably wouldn't have wanted to, but now I'm intrigued after hearing your review of the tag main. My curiosity exists mainly because I couldn't imagine the match being that good and while I don't doubt you, I can't really believe it until I see it. Davey is really good (I used to book Davey and the kid really has "it" and is far more talented than a lot of the X division guys in TNA) and so is Rod Strong, but Super Dragon is below average at his best and Jack Evans is an amazing athlete but a terrible worker.
The sad thing is that PWG boasts some of the best and worst things about indy wrestling. A tag with Davey and Strong on opposite sides, a match between Sabin and Shelley and a singles with Kazarian sound like the makings of a good show, but it's sad that a promotion that obviously has some financial resources hurts itself by pushing theirselves (i.e. guys like Dragon, Joey Ryan, etc...) at all costs. There's no excuse for someone like Joey to be holding the title when he's not a good worker and not a draw at the gate or on DVD when there are so many other talented wrestlers that they bring in that are bigger names on the indy scene as well. Why is Frankie Kazarian working third on the card when a guy who is absolutely horrid like Jack Evans is in the main event?
I'm based in Nor-Cal and have worked in the biz for about five or six years now and am currently taking a little vacation from it and just watching more right now. Anyway, I'll probably check the show out. Thanks for the heads up.
I know you're a baseball fan. Can't wait until April, brother.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

usually i read your stuff. i read every review of raw done by you and love it. But i cant believe Jack Evans had a match of the year. Being a retired wrestler watching jack evans is a guy who eyes are rolled at. He is an amazing acrobat and can do things i can never do, but he crushes people with his moves and regardless of how cool it looks thats not working. i'll reserve judgement til i see the tape, maybe they kept it good until Evans came and did his high flying stuff, which has its place but its overkill man, not even fun to watch.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

A brief word on my natural leanings when it comes to wrestling. I like guys that are spectacular in a certain way. I would rather fill a roster with guys that each have one or two things they do really well than a roster full of well rounded guys. You can hide the weaknesses and it leads to a more varied card.

So with that said, I really enjoy seeing Jack Evans and Super Dragon even with their limitations. They have exciting matches, and their strengths are allowed to come forward. If you're down on Jack Evans, I think you'll still like this match a lot. It's basically Dragon and Richards beating down Strong and Evans for the vast majority of the match and cutting them off even when they make the tag and seemingly have things going for them. Thus when Strong and Evans are finally able to make the comeback, the crowd is totally into it, and there are some really hot near falls. That's when Evans does some spectacular moves, and it is not overkill at all, because the crowd had been waiting for it the entire match.

I think if you polled people going into the show, nobody would have given Strong and Evans a chance of winning the match, but people were buying the near falls completely and really wanted to see a change. If you don't like Dragon's style, you may have more of a problem with the match, because the match is what you expect from Super Dragon. He acts like a total jerk and brutally pounds the opponents into the ground. I enjoy that, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Dragon and Richards really work well as a team, and the pairing helps both guys. I thought Richards was something special from the first time I saw him wrestling in the second match on the card. I'm very glad to see he's starting to get more credit.

Finally, in regards to the booking of PWG, I don't have a major problem with the push of the local guys. The biggest problems with PWG to me are that the shows always start late and go really long, which means some shows drag (this past show didn't, but there have been some great shows that did), and also that they let guys ramble on the mic rather than having specific points they want to get to, which tends not to be very entertaining.

But with the push of the local guys, you have to remember that they are the constants. They are there every show, and even the guests that are pushed are only there a certain percentage of the time. It's not an issue of the owners of the group, because they push non SoCal guys strong if they are situated in SoCal and can make all the shows (see Kevin Steen). The other thing is that the guys they push high on the card are over with the crowd. The crowd is totally into Joey Ryan, and I must admit he is growing on me. I doubt he is ever going to be one of the best workers on the show, but the crowd enjoys his gimmick, and it's hard for me to argue too hard when the crowd is into him. Same thing with Chris Bosh. I really don't care for him much (look, talking or wrestling), but for whatever reason the crowd is really into him. If the crowd was turning on any of the guys in a high position, I could see the problem, but they are over so it isn't a major issue to me.

7:47 AM  
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