Thursday, February 23, 2006

WrestleMania Reaction

WrestleMania could be really problematic for WWE this year as far as crowd reactions. WWE has done a lot of crap in recent years, but it has rarely seen the audience reject the product. That could very well happen this year. To begin with, WrestleMania in recent years has been carried by some excellent matches. Fans have come to expect that. If they get a series of stinkers, as very well could happen this year, they may not react very well. Shawn-Vince could also lead to a huge backlash. Bret Hart has been announced well in advance for the HOF, so fans are going to expect him at Mania. I expect WWE to tease that even further, and if it doesn't happen, fans are likely to voice their displeasure very clearly. At SummerSlam they only teased Bret for a week, and Shawn-Hogan had interest in itself. Michaels-Vince doesn't have that type of interest, and fans are expecting Bret a lot more. If they've been sitting through bad matches, at the point they figure out Bret isn't there, it will be a huge backlash. Then there's the Smackdown title match, where people are clearly very turned off by the use of Eddie Guerrero. If they go over the top with that, fans again could voice their displeasure. And Cena-HHH is a situation where the fans will almost certainly reject Cena and very well might reject HHH as well. If that's the final match, it could be ugly. At WM20, the crowd strongly turned on Lesnar-Goldberg. WWE better hope they don't get an hour and a half of that this year, because it could finally be a signal of how screwed up WWE has become.


Anonymous the masterbater said...

When you think about it waiting for the fan reactions is probably going to be the only and best part to watch in Wrestlemania this year.

7:12 AM  
Blogger nevs999 said...

This is what I thought immediately after Monday's Raw:

"At my advanced age, rationalizing why to even give WWE any of my time is getting more and more difficult.

After the 2.20.06 episode of Raw, these questions linger:

- Who other than those with the last name McMahon or Levesque want to see HHH in the WM main event? A show of hands, please.
- This may stem from the road rage/divorce proceedings, but why isn't Flair given any mic time these days? He's about the only entertaining part of the show, especially when he yaps.

Yours in frustration - Matt in Anchorage"

A few days later, my thoughts haven't changed.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Swain said...

I too have serious doubts about this year's Mania. I actually don't feel bad about missing the show due to prior commitments. In fact, as the weeks go on, I feel good about that.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it's easy to take shots at Wrestlemania 22 but since it's coming from Chicago this year I think it would be a good idea for WWE to market it as Wrestlemania: It's gonna blow

12:34 PM  
Blogger DenisGorman said...

I am going to WM with a friend. We talked today and he said, "I'm so ready to boo the hell out of Cena and HHH."

Therein lies WWE's problems. They overextend their top level stars. Cena's dominated Raw and Smackdown for the last year. Wrestling fans caught on to his lack of ability and began to resent his main event status.

HHH has been in every main event since 1999. How has his character changed in seven years? Growing mutton chops? Guess what, no one's buying it. You're still the pissed-off dude who spits water and says, "I am the Game-uh!"

Look at RVD and Edge. Both are huge right now; Edge as the despicable heel and Van Dam because he's Van Dam and they want to see him pushed.

WWE worries that Van Dam, Carlito, Edge, Rey Jr. aren't "household names," and as such, WM wouldn't do a monster buyrates. But, by that logic, shouldn't the lack house show sales and brand-specific PPV buyrates be blamed on the HHH's, Cena's and JBL's? After all, they are the main eventers.

Now compare and contrast the 'Mania main events: Cena-HHH or a possible RVD-Edge match. Which one excites you as a fan?

5:18 PM  

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