Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Christian Cage TNA Champion

So far, so good. I really think Christian is the choice to be TNA champion going forward, and the fan reaction thus far has been really good. Jarrett just didn't work as champion, and Christian was ready to be accepted by the larger audience in a very prominent role. I would be looking at a way to use this to get a foothold in the Canadian market. Canada tends to be a more hardcore base than the US, and Christian is particularly over there. He can help them get greater recognition and build a couple bases outside of Orlando. The tricky thing will be how to deal with Sting's return if Christian is the champion. Christian as champion teaming with Sting is a good dynamic, but eventually you want Sting in an important headlining match. I don't think Sting v. Christian works. Christian as heel would risk the fans turning on Sting. Sting doesn't work as well as a heel. Face-face usually doesn't work for business. Maybe you have Christian hold the title most of the year defending against Brown, Abyss, Jarrett and the like. Then you have him drop the strap to Joe in the fall and Joe beats Sting in Sting's sendoff towards the end of the year.


Blogger 17Haze said...

Christian will do great as champ. I think it would be great to give Monty Brown, Abyss and maybe even Rhyno with a heel turn a chance at the title on PPV. Just as long as Jarrett is out of the title picture for the rest of 2006. I mean even Triple H took himself out of the title picture for almost a year and that is exactly what Jarrett has to do. Also don't turn Christian heel because it won't work.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Herman said...

I'm still afraid that Jarrett will be winning the title back on TNA's Thursday night debut.
I love Christian, but I would've rather seen a slow build to winning the title. As glad as I am to see the belt off of Jarrett, it kind of cheapens the belt a little to see a supposed WWE mid-carder win the title on his first try.
I can't name one BIG victory Christian has had, singles wise, since he's been in TNA.
But, you and I agree on the eventual end game: Joe needs to win the belt, six months from now at the earliest, a year at the latest.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Dave Ling & Franchise said...

James, I disagree with you.. Although Christian did lack big wins on TNA, he's over like rover so putting the strap on him pleases the fans and generates more excitement around not only his character but the TNA brand itself.
TNA needs all the momentum it can get leading into the jump to Thursdays, and Christian provides that momentum and he comes with a WWE pedigree that legitimizes him in the audience's eyes.
TNA had no momentum with JJ with the belt and Christian was the only guy really in the position to provide more excitement around the belt. For me, I think that's more important then the long, slow chase that could of retarded Christian's momentum.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

I agree with Dave. And there are two different types of "former WWE wrestler" status. There are the guys that the fans view as failures because they didn't make it in WWE and weren't good enough. While I like Rhino, I think he has that taint unfortunately. Then there are the guys who the fans really wanted to get behind, that they blame the promotion for a lesser push. I really think Christian has that thing going on. Remember that Jericho jobbed out in WCW for a good six months before he went to WWE, and fans in WWE were ready to accept him as a main eventer in spite of it.

9:17 AM  

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