Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stevie Franchise to the Knicks

I do like Steve Francis, dating back to his days with the Terps. But seriously, is there anyone out there that likes this latest trade by Isiah Thomas? Everyone, and I mean everyone, is bashing the Knicks, and rightfully so. They bring in one selfish, overpaid ballhog after another. The team is one of the biggest messes in modern sports. I think they will play better, simply because they have so much raw talent, but this is not a good team nor will it ever be with the current core. It's kind of sad, because the Knicks are one of those franchises that should always be pretty good, like the Celtics and the Lakers. Instead, they're a complete laughing stock, and it's really kind of sad.


Anonymous Phil said...

They're essentially paying Francis $44M over the next three plus years to give them 2-4 extra wins a year. So, instead of finshing 22-60 and missing the playoffs, they'll finish 25-57 and miss the playoffs as well as get a worse draft pick. Suddenly, the days of Scott Layden look pretty good for Knicks fans.

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