Saturday, March 04, 2006

UFC Picks

David Loiseau vs. Rich Franklin: Initially I really favored Franklin. But Loiseau comes into this fight looking tremendously motivated. It should be an exciting standup war. I still have some questions about just how good Franklin is (he's unquestionably very good, but people assume he will dominate for the foreseeable future, and I'm not sure that's the case). Loiseau's a good test. I'm still picking Franklin, but I'm shaky on it.

Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn: I've always liked St. Pierre a lot. I've never really liked Penn. And I expect St. Pierre to win. Those three factors added together mean I'm more nervous about the fight than anything else. Penn is damn good. If St. Pierre wins, I won't be surprised. If he loses, I'll be disappointed. I'm taking St. Pierre.

Joe Doerksen vs. Nate Marquardt: This is a really even battle of solid fighters. I'm going on a hunch and taking Doerksen to win an upset decision, or *maybe* a submission.

Yves Edwards vs. Mark Hominick: Edwards is one of my favorite fighters and he outclasses Hominik.

Mike Swick vs. Steve Vigneault: Swick's overrated right now because of a couple of fast wins, and he's coming off an injury. But Vigneault isn't the guy to give him much in the way of troubles, and I expect Swick to win convincingly.


Anonymous Phil said...

I'm not an expert on MMA but I follow it closely enough so that I feel relatively comfortable making picks here goes:
Franklin - either by TKO or submission while striking on the ground; he's won his last four fights in this manner. I would really like to see him next fight:
Doerksen - I just don't see any real quality wins for Marquardt in his resume.

Penn - remember he submitted Matt Hughes in round one just two years ago.
Edwards - fairly easily here particularly since Hominick is changing weight classes.
Swick - I guess the conventional wisdom here, I don't know much about either fighter.

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