Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Note to Phil Glick

My response to your e-mail got bounced back twice, so here it is. Basically it's my thoughts on UFC 58 for others wondering:

Hi Phil,
My first thought was you caught the worst part of the show, but upon further review, it was certainly the most interesting.

I'm taping UFC and going to PWG, which tells you something since if I'm really hot for a UFC show I'll want to catch it live (plus I'm attending the next show so it's not that big of a deal). I think this UFC show is solid, but thin. With Diego Sanchez off the show as of yesterday, there are really five fights of interest. Franklin-Loiseau should be a really good standup fight. Both guys will bang, and what I'm interested to see is what happens if it goes into a third or fourth round since neither guy has had their endurance severely tested. Penn-St. Pierre is the fight of the night. Penn is really good, but St. Pierre is on top of his game. I'm nervous for the fight because I really want St. Pierre to win, and Penn has beaten guys I wanted to win many times before. Joe Doerkson vs. Nate Marquardt is just a solid matchup of well-rounded guys. Neither is particularly colorful, but they're both really good. And then the main card is rounded out by fights with Mike Swick and Yves Edwards. I'm happy to see Yves back in UFC as the lightweight division has a lot of talent and Yves is one of my favorites at any weight class. Swick has really been rolling, and he's being matched up with a mid level guy that he should be able to knock out. I recommend every UFC show, but as far as how this one compares to most, I'd say right in the middle range, maybe slightly subpar.


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