Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rumble Fallout

First and foremost, I'm glad that Rey Mysterio was put over in the Royal Rumble. The one positive that could come out of the beginning of this year is WWE making a new superstar out of someone that can actually produce in the ring (and has charisma and is marketable to boot). I don't know how WWE is planning building to WrestleMania, but I would just go ahead and make Angle-Mysterio face-face for the title, with Angle as the subtle heel superb wrestler against the smaller guy that by all rights doesn't stand a chance (think Bret-Shawn WM12). These two had a really good match at SummerSlam 2002 where they weren't given that much time, and given a 25-30 minute match, they could easily steal the show. If Angle's injury doesn't let him wrestle at Mania, give the spot to Chris Benoit. The idea is to get the best match possible to put over Rey and make him look like a million bucks. Orton is treading water right now. I don't see him working as champion, so I wouldn't put him in the title match. And now that Angle has beaten Henry, get him as far as possible away from that man as possible. That's not the way to protect a guy who's really hurt.

As far as Raw goes, what HHH wants, he gets. I don't really see any good arguments for Cena-HHH as the Raw title match over something involving Edge, but that's what they decided upon. I figured they would do a 3-way. The interesting thing at Mania is whether the crowd turns on Cena, or whether they turn on both of them.

Other than that, Royal Rumble was another indicator of how far WWE is detached from pro wrestling. They're putting over the Boogey Man in major matches now, for no discernable reason. He's just a joke gimmick that can't work, and will never draw. There is no potential in the guy for him to warrant a major push. He's an amusing, weird gimmick. He's not a pro wrestler. That lack of understanding was driven home by the inexplicable amount of time given to Ashley-Mickie. It's the Russo mentality where anybody can be a wrestler. And then of course, there's Team Spirit, where you take guys that actually do have potential, and give them such goofy gimmicks they'll never be over. If I had control of WWE, I would seriously cut about half of the roster, hire a ton of guys from TNA/independents, and repackage half of the guys left from WWE. It's a real disaster area right now.


Anonymous Matt in Anchorage said...

As always Todd, you're right on point. Although I didn't watch the Rumble and usually only purchase 'Mania on an annual basis out of tradition, I wonder: who are the peope WWE is connecting/catering to?

I'm afraid of the answer.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Expertise said...

I disagree with the Rey move. The belt said World HEAVYWEIGHT Champion, not Lightweight or Cruiserweight.

Sure; Rey is a good worker. No doubt about it. But the guy is only 5'6 or so and if he weighs over 180, I'd be surprised. It's simply not realistic to place the belt on him.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Swain said...

What worries me is the possibility/rumour/nagging suspicion/sense of dread that Rey won't be getting his title shot at 'Mania. That somehow Randy Orton will get the shot, in order to keep with 'the plan'. The same plan that dictated that, despite the fans' reaction, Cena needed to get the belt back so he can face HHH at 'Mania.

Plans need to be fluid, to accomodate the fans. The fans don't need to be fluid to accomodate the plans.

I guess we'll get a better idea where this is going after tonight.

PS. Yes, we all miss Eddie. But this is not the way to remember him. Eddie's death should not be providing Vince and Co. with a compelling storyline.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

Thanks, Matt. The clear answer to your question unfortunately, is themselves. I don't think in their heart of hearts they think that what they are doing is good for the business.

I've never really felt that size is that big of a deal in wrestling, as long as there is believability. Rey is believable to me, so I wouldn't be too hesitant to put him in a top position. But the size is a deterrent for many, including segments of the company unquestionably.

I also have concern somehow they'll end up with Rey in a less prominent position at Mania, but I guess we'll see. You make an excellent point, Swain, when it comes to the issue of accomodating fan desires. This has been a huge problem with WWE in the past five years, and what always used to be a WWE strength. WWE always debuted characters strong, and gave them a chance to get over. Some guys did, some didn't, but whoever connected with the fans would be in a position to rise up the card. Now they have their chosen favorites, and they bury pretty much everyone else. This prevents roster movement, because no one is ready for a push after the extended burials they invariably give everyone. Right now they pick their main event stars, and everyone else is just sort of given whatever. They need instead to have a collection of wrestlers who they are giving a chance to. The ones that get over with the fans are moved up to a higher position. The ones that don't are used to get over others. But the key is that you give the fans a chance to pick their favorites before they are too buried to be taken seriously in an elevated role.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous The Masterbater said...

Well it looks like Rey is out of a tilte shot at Wrestlemania

6:23 AM  

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