Friday, January 27, 2006

Royal Rumble Match

I was going to do an "odds of winning the Rumble" bit, but when I went to to get a list of participants, they had done the exact same thing, so I'll just do it in free form. This is a really weak card, and that's not a good sign for Mania. The Rumble match itself will pop a buy rate on its own, but the relative lack of interest in the show itself is telling as to future interest. Based on the wrestlers announced, there are very few with a chance of winning. There isn't much of a chance with "surprises," either, so there are few candidates. There are a few who I refuse to completely count out, either because of their stature as a star or because they are getting a solid push that WWE might want to continue: Lashley, Chris Benoit, Chris Masters. Rob Van Dam I could conceive as well, although Dave openly laughing at that proposition makes it seem extremely unlikely. It's just that with him gone for so long, and with the fans always being behind him, he's one of the few guys they could really break out through Mania. They might do something with Shawn Michaels to let Vince screw him, but I don't expect that one either. That leaves 3 candidates: Randy Orton, Triple H and Rey Mysterio. Of those three, HHH is most likely in my mind, because he hasn't been put over that strong since his return and he unquestionably wants back to the top. It won't help the show any (although it probably won't hurt either), but they would be better off trying to get someone else over. Orton's also a possibility given he's probably challenging Angle at Mania, but I don't see HHH featuring Orton over himself. And then there's Rey, who is the best choice, and who they are teasing might win, but I don't expect to given Angle is a face on SD and they are intent on pushing Orton. One thing to watch for is Rey getting over huge even in losing. I think people will want him to win, and hopefully they will get the reaction where the fans are even hungrier for Rey in a more prominent spot in he barely loses, rather than them just being discouraged.


Anonymous Houston said...

I think they'd be making a mistake if they don't have Mysterio win, but why do I think HHH won't allow that? Unless he wants to continue his feud with Big Show.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Phil said...

Often with the Rumble, particularly if this point is advanced upon in the upcoming weeks' TV, the wrestler who goes 40-60 minutes can get nearly as much out of it as the winner. Mysterio seems to fit this role nicely if he's not going to win. For it to best work for Mysterio (or whomever), he needs to be the only wrestler to go over a half hour though. Like anything else in wrestling, it's meaningless when it's commonplace.
Consider the 1990 Royal Rumble:
Ted DiBiase: 44 min, 47 sec.
Haku: 22 min, 31 sec. (2nd best time)
Times over 20 mins: 2

And last year's Rumble:
Chris Benoit: 47 min, 26 sec.
Edge: 40 min, 19 sec.
Times over 20 mins: 4

The 1990 format needs to be adapted in order for Mysterio's feat to come across as special.


8:13 PM  
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Blogger DenisGorman said...

The Ovechkin goal video:

I think Van Dam wins the Rumble...just a gut feeling. Also, if you want to watch a pretty good wrestling DVD, pick up the new Daniels' one.

6:46 PM  

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