Friday, January 27, 2006

Ricky Davis-Wally Szczerbiak Trade

I really like this trade for the Celtics. It's a typical NBA "our junk/borderline junk for your junk/borderline junk trade, but I think the Celts make off much better. Understand first, that I think very, very little of Ricky Davis. He seems to me one of those talented NBA players that is never going to be a major part of a championship contender, and thus putting him on your team and giving him a prominent position is counterproductive to real building. Obviously, not everyone feels that way, and Davis has his supporters. But I would take Wally over him. From there, it just gets better for the Celtics. They get rid of Mark Blount's contract, which is a huge positive. They have to deal Marcus Banks, but he's nothing special. And they get a number one. Olowokandi stinks, but his contract is expiring. I don't like much of what Danny Ainge has done, but this is a good deal to me.


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