Saturday, January 21, 2006

Masters Fans Unite

I went to Best Buy today and picked up the Superstar Graham DVD. As I was leaving, the censor was set off, so the guy checked my stuff. He saw the Graham DVD, and the following conversation transpired:

Best Buy Guy: You like wrestling?

Me: Yes.

Best Buy Guy: You watch wrestling today?

Me: Yes.

Best Buy Guy: You like the Masterpiece?

Me: No.

Best Buy Guy: Why not?

Me: He's an awful wrestler and he has no charisma.

(no response)

Me: Well, that's just my opinion, anyway.


Anonymous Matt in Anchorage said...

Maybe the Best Buy Guy's stunned silence was more of his realization of how big a waste of space Masters really is.

One can only hope Vinnie Mc figures it out sooner rather than later.

BTW, did you see Ovechkin walk St. Louis Blues d-man Eric Weinrich the other day? Everyone at MCI Center remains on the lookout for Weinrich's jock.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous The Masterbater said...

So how was the Billy Graham DVD?? Is it worth the purchase?

5:51 AM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

I didn't see the Ovechkin move you mention. I'm still blown away by them putting together a winning streak.

I haven't watched the Graham DVD either. I'll let you know when I do, which will probably be next weekend.

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Steve said...

It wasn't Pat Patterson in Best Buy was it?

5:38 AM  
Blogger Sny said...

Chris Masters is Sean Stasiak with a push ... I love that Chris Master has a fan following.

7:20 PM  

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