Saturday, January 21, 2006

Guerrero Book

I read Eddie Guerrero's book yesterday and today. I really breezed through it, as it was a good read. There are so many wrestling books now that it's tough for individual books to define themselves. I think Guerrero's book is in the B+ range as far as WWE efforts go. The two traits I look for the most in these books are honesty and comprehensiveness. Guerrero succeeds on both counts. He is honest about himself and his fellow wrestlers. He acknowledges when he was wrong, and when he thinks he was right. He is critical of himself, critical of others, but fair. You believe what he says. It is also comprehensive. It hits all the major points of his career, and doesn't short change any period. That's really important, because too many books will just give an outline of a career but won't really take you through comprehensively, and particularly for bigger stars, I want that longer story. I don't want the abbreviated version. It's depressing at points because of Eddie's passing, but not overwhelmingly so. The picture of Eddie and his wife at Christmas 2004 is a real heartbreaker though. It's a recommended read, albeit not a must read.


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Hi! I see you may be an Eddie Guerrero fan. I am going to wrestling school as a tribute to him, but I need some character ideas. Could you check out my blog and let me know of some ideas, if any, that you may have? Thank you!

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