Sunday, January 15, 2006

UFC Picks

Tim Sylvia vs. Assuerio Silva: I think Sylvia is a slightly higher caliber fighter, and he has been much more active in recent years. Assuming Sylvia is focused and isn't taking Silva lightly, I see him scoring a knockout win.

Stephan Bonnar vs. James Irvin: This is a real pick'em. Irvin has not looked good in UFC, being knocked out by Mike Kyle and dominated by Terry Martin prior to his explosive knee for the win. However, he still has a strong reputation and as impressive a record as Bonnar. It will be interesting to see how Bonnar does. I'm leaning towards Bonnar.

Chris Leben vs. Jorge Rivera: This should be a standup war. It will be another strong test, as the more legitimate Ultimate Fighter guys are moving up in caliber of opponent. I think Leben will make a good showing, but I think Rivera is a better striker. Rivera with the win.

Drew Fickett vs. Josh Burkman: Fickett's the better fighter, and he'll win.

Spencer Fisher vs. Aaron Riley: This should be an entertaining fight, as Fisher is a fighter on the rise and Riley always is entertaining. Riley has been tested by tougher opponents, which could give him the edge if he's still on top of his game. Really tough one to pick, but I favor Fisher.

Jonathan Goulet vs. Duane Ludwig: I'm biased. I've always really liked Bang Ludwig, a protege of Bas Rutten and one hell of a fun striker. So I'm picking him against a fighter that's on a tremendous roll and should by all rights take the fight.

Melvin Guillard vs. Josh Neer: It's do or die time for both these guys, as the loser isn't likely to get too many good opportunities in the future. I think Neer takes it.

Jason Von Flue vs. Alex Karalexis: Karalexis is a joke. Von Flue by knockout.


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