Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"ECW" Report

Oh My God!: Paul Heyman pinned Sabu in the main event, with copious amounts of interference of course.

You Fucked Up: This was an unobjectionable show on most every level.

He’s Hardcore: Matt Striker hit Sandman with a stapler, but didn’t staple anything to his head.

The Extreme Rundown:

Paul Heyman started the show. He said ECW is his life and concept. He never wrestled in an ECW ring and never had to until this evening. He said now he has no other option, and he must destroy his disciple Sabu with his own hands. He said he would pin Sabu. The presentation of a confident, unscared Heyman made the finish of the show rather obvious.

1. Hardcore Holly beat Rob Van Dam via disqualification. They brawled early, with RVD hitting a kick and clotheslining Holly to the floor. Outside the ring, RVD dropped Holly on the barricade and hit the corkscrew leg drop. Holly went for the Alabam slam and RVD escaped, but Holly hurled him to the floor. Holly worked him over with a head lock, drop kick and chops. RVD retaliated with a kick, clotheslines, standing moonsault, windmill kick and rolling thunder. He missed the five star, and Holly brought a chair into the ring. He swung and missed, and RVD hit a kick and leg drop. He then hit Holly with the chair repeatedly for the DQ. This was a decent match with a crappy finish.

Big Show came out for an interview that was brief and to the point. The booking of Show as a monster has made him project menace more than he used to. He said he’s the most dominant champion in WWE history. He challenged DX to a handicap match next week on ECW, and said nobody can beat him. They aired yet another five second clip of Shannon Moore. I hope they continue to do these vignettes for him every week and that he never actually debuts. It’s hilarious.

2. CM Punk beat Stevie Richards. Tazz wondered what Punk was doing with his wrists, and a second later they were making references to muay thai and jiu jitsu. Joe Rogan should have speculated about what Josh Koscheck was doing when he was crotch chopping at Ultimate Fight Night. Punk used chops, a tope, drop kick, kicks, European uppercut, butterfly suplex into a back breaker and slaps. He finished Richards with the uranage into the anaconda vise.

Matt Striker came out for a classroom segment. He put down Sandman’s alcoholism, so of course Sandman came out. Striker hit Sandman with the chalkboard and then a stapler. He left Sandman bloodied in the ring. They acknowledged Kurt Angle’s departure from the company and put him over, which was a nice touch and certainly deserved. WWE deserves credit for letting him go rather than assisting in another potential tragedy.

3. Paul Heyman pinned Sabu. Security attacked Sabu to start the match with night sticks. Sabu fought them off with chairs and Heyman begged for mercy. He was about to attack Heyman when Show came out. Sabu gave Show a DDT, but the numbers game caught up with Sabu. He was worked over three on one, and bled. Heyman slapped Sabu while Show held him and gloated about it. RVD then came in and attacked Show with the Van Daminator. He took out security with a pescado.

Sabu hit Heyman with the Arabian facebuster, and they set him up on a table. Just as Sabu was going to dive on him, Show cut off Sabu with a spear. Hardcore Holly then came out and gave RVD the Alabama slam through the table. Show gave Sabu the cobra clutch back breaker and put Heyman on top of Sabu for the pin. Show then gave Sabu a choke slam through the table. The announcers did a good job selling this. It was a strong final segment to the show.

Please Don’t Go:

I can’t wait for PWG Battle of Los Angeles this weekend.


Anonymous MAZ said...

I don't know about anybody else, but to have DX appear on ECW would be one of the biggest blunders in WWE history.

Talk about going from the proverbial penthouse to the outhouse. If DX does go on ECW, then DX has jumped the shark.

5:54 AM  
Anonymous the masterbater said...

Sick of wrestling now. ECW just feels like a smaller version of the WWE, wait it is the WWE. UGH DX in ECW??? WHY? This doesn't make any sense to me. Anyways, just wondering if you seen the McMahon DVD cause I am still thinking of purchasing it.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Show. They're really working Big Show hard these days. It'll be good when he does get a break cause he hasn't had time to hit the gym and it shows. Vince showed him love by hitting him with a double payday Monday night. Theyre doing a good job of making you want to see someone beat the Big Show, which I'm assuming is going to happen in December. I see now why fans have been clamoring for CM Punk since he got signed. The guy is good. Shannon Moore should never debut, he went from Backstreet Boy to Moshpit Punk overnight. Sandman canes Stryker in 6 days...

9:16 AM  
Anonymous mean dean said...

As long as you can look past the fact that the show is called "ECW," that was probably the most palattable show since ECW debuted. Maybe it was just because there was no Mike Knox though...hmm.....

Shannon Moore has been a "moshpit punk" for quite some time now, since his last stint in WWE. I think that would be the greatest thing ever if he continues to get vignettes and never debuts, especially since I never really cared for him. The only time I enjoyed him doing anything was when he was Matt's MFer helping him stay in the Rumble.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main event reminded me of an old-school ECW matches with run-ins aplenty. The only people missing were Knox, Test, Sandman and Dreamer.

I guess the ECW Survivor Series match will be the Bashams, Show, Holly and Heyman (?) vs. Sabu, RVD, Dreamer, Sandman and someone else (maybe Punk?).

Denis Gorman

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judgment Day: 231,000 (236,000 last year)
One Night Stand: 280,000 (268,000 last year)
Vengeance: 313,000 (320,000 last year)
The Great American Bash: 224,000 (233,000 last year)

I don't understand how WWE PPV buyrates have supposedly "plummeted". Alot of this is due to the overall decline in the popularity of professional wrestling. How you can blame one company for this is completely beyond me. Maybe people just wanted to see WWE burn themselves out and then hit this period with nothing to show.

10:16 AM  

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