Friday, August 18, 2006

Great Story

Really amusing little story here on Maurice Clarett's crime connections. Three things in particular:

1. People shouldn't have been so surprised about the guns. The guy clearly thought he was going to be making tens of millions of dollars, and clearly had people behind him for him to be so eager to get out of college. And he didn't make much money at all in the NFL, so one would think people would be angry with him. Obviously, he picked even shadier sources than one would have hoped.

2. The attorney of the mobster is David Kenner, the infamous lawyer for Death Row Records, which also provided great amusement. It's good to know Kenner's still doing okay even after all of Suge's problems. He's moved onto new mobsters and thugs.

3. The explanation at the end by Clarett's attorney of how it was hard to track this postcard sent to Clarett was probably the best part. He describes it as "extreme and multiple steps to keep their identity sealed." And he then walks through step by step, as if printing out a little bit of info and sticking it on a postcard was some sort of elaborate and fiendish criminal scheme. This is contrasted in his mind by other notes, where the diabolical perpetrators "sign it, even an address. In this case, none of that. There's no way to trace that one." It kind of reminds me of Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons.

Officer: "Uhhh, Chief, we got an anonymous threat."

Wiggum: "Oh, did they leave a return address or phone number?"

Officer: "No, Chief."

Wiggum: "Well, guess there's nothing that can be done then."


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