Friday, August 18, 2006

The Descent

I saw it today. Very good little horror film strong on scares but not too disgusting and not focused on humor. I recommend it. One thing that really bugged me though was that they were supposed to be in West Virginia, and they had MONTANA PLATES. There's probably one car with Montana plates that passes through West Virginia a year, and they were supposed to be from Britain anyway. Very silly.


Anonymous Tyson K said...

I thought that movie was absolutely terrible! I saw a private screening of it before it was released, and thank the heavens I didn't pay for admission.

I know that with a horror film you should suspend belief (and as a pro wrestling fan, you'd think we're good at that), but I found the females' defensive skills to be far too unrealistic for what they were up against.

I also felt there was way too much forced "character developement" at the beginning, I started "bobbing for apples" (aka falling asleep) a couple of times before they reached the cave.

There was way too much pointless crap, like that girl's flashbacks to her birthday cake or whatever (WTF?).

Anyway, I definitely wouldn't pay money to see it. In fact, my friends and myself are reccomending it to everyone as a joke, knowing no one's going to enjoy it.

I'm actually surprised you were content with it Mr. Martin, you're the first one I know that felt that way.

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