Monday, February 11, 2008

Raw Report

Date: 02/11/08 from Austin, TX.

The Big News: Raw was a fun show, but I don’t know about the build for the pay-per-view.

Show Analysis:

If you’re looking for the Westminster Dog Show, it is airing on CNBC.

Hornswoggle beat Vince McMahon. Vince shoved Hornswoggle down repeatedly. Hornswoggle was upset and didn’t want to fight Vince. Finally he slapped Vince. Vince took off his belt, but Finlay ran in to stop him. Vince told Finlay to leave and shoved down Hornswoggle. Finlay laid out Vince with the shillelagh and Hornswoggle hit the frog splash for the pin.

Chris Jericho beat JBL. They brawled early. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but JBL got to the rope. JBL went to Jericho’s eye and hit a series of kicks to the head. He hit two hard clotheslines and applied a sleeper. Jericho came back with chops, a forearm and an enzuigiri. JBL went for a fall away slam, but Jericho countered into a DDT. Jericho then hit the code breaker for the clean pin. Afterwards, Umaga ran in and laid out both Jericho and JBL with the Samoan spike.

If you’re looking for the Westminster Dog Show, it is airing on CNBC.

Backstage, an angry William Regal wanted to do horrible things to Finlay and then fire him. God would I ever love to see another Finlay-Regal program. Vince said that instead they would have a Vince vs. Hornswoggle match in a cage next week. Also, WWE ran an anti-drug package that I’m sure will be quickly greeted with enormous ridicule. It featured John Cena and the tagline “there are no shortcuts to your goals.”

Paul Burchill defeated Brian Kendrick. This was the debut of the new incest angle with Burchill and his sister Katie Lea. Paul said that what Katie wants, Katie gets. This is a great angle; it has no chance of drawing money and is yet another reason for society to view wrestling as the world’s sleaziest form of entertainment. Burchill won with the curb stomp and the roll of the dice. He picked a cool pair of feature moves.

If you’re looking for the Westminster Dog Show, it is airing on CNBC.

John Cena beat Mark Henry in a quick match. Henry hit a body slam and punches, but Cena came back in a hurry and applied the STFU for the win. Randy Orton was watching the match from ringside, and afterwards John Cena confronted him. Cena said he is 100 percent, and he told Orton that he’s coming for the title. I still think the story works better with Cena not pretending he is 100 percent.

Mr. Kennedy called for Ric Flair to back out of their match. Flair said he wouldn’t. Kennedy said Flair doesn’t know what’s good for him. Flair said he has been a sixteen time world champion, while Kennedy hasn’t done that once. Flair said he’s got to win to survive, and that he’ll live to fight another day. Kennedy drop kicked Flair’s leg.

If you’re looking for the Westminster Dog Show, it is airing on CNBC.

Melina beat Maria. Maria actually dominated the match. She hit a clothesline, stomach breaker and bulldog. She was going for the pin when Jillian began screaming on the microphone to grab her attention. Jillian then kissed Santino to further distract Maria, allowing Melina to roll up Maria for the pin. After the match, Santino blamed this on Playboy. He said that Maria will have to choose between Santino and Playboy next week.

Jeff Hardy defeated Shawn Michaels in an excellent main event. What I liked about this main event in particular was that they mixed up their moves and did more different spots than usual. Jeff whipped Michaels into the turnbuckle and gave him a shot to the back of the head. Jeff went for a belly to back suplex off the second rope, but Michaels reversed into a pin attempt.

Michaels threw Hardy over the top rope, but Hardy skinned the cat. As Hardy came back in, Michaels hit a clothesline. Jeff came back with a mule kick and baseball slide. He came off the barricade with a crossbody attempt, but Michaels reversed into a power slam. Michaels proceeded to go after Hardy’s back.

Michaels hit a back breaker, swinging neck breaker, body slam and half crab. Hardy went for a superplex but Michaels pushed him off. Michaels dove off the top with an elbow, but it missed. Jeff came back with kicks and the whisper in the wind. Michaels responded with a clothesline, inverted atomic drop, body slam and elbow off the top. Michaels went for sweet chin music. Hardy avoided it, but Michaels caught him in the inverted figure four. Hardy got to the ropes, and then hit the twist of fate and swanton for the clean pin.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for the Westminster Dog Show, it is airing on CNBC.


Anonymous tyson kaethler said...

Todd, what're your thoughts on JBL in the ring? I know he's not amazingly impressive or anything, but I enjoy his matches. I think he gives off this really old school feeling to me, the way he wrestles and controls the crowd. He's pretty underrated IMO.

That dog show is bullshit yeah, but I wanted to hear your final thoughts on Raw as a whole, or maybe your thoughts about No Way Out. Cmon!

That HBK/Hardy match was amazing. Sucks for Jeff that his lip piercing busted so early in the match, that by the end of the match blood was starting to clot around it lol.

It was interesting how in the early match, the crowd was very loud for Hardy with Hardy chants. HBK seemed cool with this. Near the end of the match, I could hear many HBK chants, to me it was like at the start Michaels thought "yeah yeah, have your chants now, I'll win the crowd over by just being me". Crowd was still really behind both men though. HBK is so great. But Hardy is really amazing. I can't believe there are people who still hate on him. They call him a botch-fest and a spot monkey. While that may be true in the past, I always ask them "have you even seen him wrestle in the past year?"

Anyway I haven't slept in 26 hours so I'm out like a porch light in the ghetto.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

I've never thought much of JBL in the ring. His success is due mostly to his personality. What he does have going for him in the ring is like a lot of big guys with personalities, he has enough physicality and believability in his work that he can get over as a main eventer.

I didn't really have much to add on No Way Out that I haven't already said. If there is something I'm dying to say, I always say it. There's too little time before the PPV, and they're not making anyone want to see anything in particular at Mania. That's bad. They weren't even able to make Orton/Cena seem important. If the show draws, it will be the Elimination Chambers.

12:39 PM  

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