Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Inside the NFL Cancelled


31 years and they just give up on it out of the blue?

What an awful decision by HBO.


Blogger nevs999 said...

At first blush, the decision seems abrupt and out of the blue. After reading some of the stories, it seems like HBO decided the show costs too much (think of the salaries for Costas, Marino, et all) and has outlived its usefulness because so many people get their highlights elsewhere.

It is sad. And it's easy to blame the ESPNs of the world for the monopoly created by such entities. It does sound like NFL Network might eventually get the show and continue the tradition.

I guess we'll see.

- Matt in Anchorage

11:20 AM  
Anonymous stringer said...

HBO cancelled it because it cost them 8 mil per per year for the rights to use the highlights...
and estimated annual production costs of 20 mil...and that's a hefty price tag for any network to pay...its than more likely that we'll see it on TBS or TNT or some other network that currently isn't airing NFL games...

12:11 PM  

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