Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shaq/Marion Trade?

Can someone explain this one for me? It makes absolutely no sense. You've got a high quality, up tempo team, and they're willing to trade one of their key pieces for an aged, out of shape big man with a monster contract? I wouldn't trade for Shaq, period. But giving up Marion for him? I recognize the Suns have been thinking about moving Marion for a while and that Shaq is one of the greatest players in the history of the league. But in 2008 this one is bewildering to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel the same way about this trade. The only thing I can think of is that in the post season, the games are more half court, grind it out affairs and you do need somebody who can get you easy baskets inside. I am also not sure how Shaq and Amare will share the post area together.

I just finished reading "7 Seconds", a book about the Phoenix Suns during the season when Amare was down. It's a great inside to the team and their playoff run. Maybe they have given up the idea of trying to outrun everybody to the NBA title. One thing that was a constant in the book was that Marion was not happy with his role and recognition on the team.

Time will tell how this trade turns out for both teams.

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Anonymous Jim said...

they had this run and gun system for about 3 1/2 years, and they never even got to the finals. The post season is about matchups and slowing it down and they can contend a little differently with Shaq. Marion is really good, but he wanted out. They just feel they had to change their team a little to contend in the west

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Anonymous mcory said...

I hate to sound like a skipping record, but the above two posters are right. Phoenix has been maxing out at the Western Conference Finals the past 4 years. With the exact same roster, is there any reason to predict differently in 2008? Shaq is a huge risk but we already know the result of standing pat.

Compare this trade to the 2005 Kwame Brown / Caron Butler trade. Everyone thought the Lakers were crazy for making that trade. But put it this way...the Lakers weren't going anywhere with Butler. Why not take a chance on a #1 pick who has been underachieving? As great a talent as Butler is, he's not going to win you a championship. So now the Wizards are the ones stuck in neutral while the Lakers parlayed the Kwame asset into Pau Gasol.

The risk is definitely apparent. This could just as easily turn into a Boston trades for Vin Baker scenario.

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