Monday, November 13, 2006

Redskins Bench Brunell, Campbell New Starter

I really like the way that Joe Gibbs has handled the QB situation with the Redskins this year. A lot of people were calling for Jason Campbell a lot earlier, and my thinking was that Mark Brunell was only a small part of the problem with the team, and that he gave them the best chance to win. Thus it was smart to stick with him even if the public outcry was in the other direction. And he stood by Brunell the entire time and didn't give the media any fodder for discussion. Then at 3-6, with it evident that the team is not making the playoffs and needs to evaluate Campbell's viability as a starter for the future, he quickly and decisively made the change. It was the right move (this seems to be a pretty overwhelming view among Skin fans) and it was the right timing as well in my opinion (decidedly the minority viewpoint). Very well handled by Gibbs, and much better I thought that the way Parcells decided to make the switch in Dallas.


Anonymous tyson said...

Bledsoe hung TO out to dry and I think Parcells saw it. I think he did the right thing by embarassing Bledsoe.

As far as Campbell, in a poll on over 76% of the people voting chose "Personnel Changes" as opposed to a group of other options ranging from 'still having hopes for the playoffs', 'coaching issues', etc.

Kornheiser made a good point on PTI yesterday when he said Gibbs should be calling the plays as opposed to Sanders. I mean Gibbs got this team back to the playoffs after I dont know how many years away from the game. The game never changes, but Saunders has never been able to get one of his teams to the Super Bowl, why would it start now?

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Blogger Todd Martin said...

I vehemently disagree with the Gibbs should be calling the plays people. Joe Gibbs' offense the past few years looked completely outdated. The only time they were able to move the ball was when they just pounded it running, and that wasn't Gibbs' ideas and plays so much as just straight smashmouth football. Al Saunders on the other hand has run one of the best offenses in football the past few years. I have been unimpressed with the Redskins' offense this year, but I don't think giving up on an offensive coordinator who has been one of the best in the league for years a few games in before he has even been able to teach everyone the offense is a good idea at all.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous tyson said...

I think you missed me. I like what Saunders does but I think Gibbs should be the one picking which plays to call when. I know hes got last say, but if he doesnt have enough understanding of the offense to call the plays, whats the point. Whatever though, im fucking pissed off right now and feel alot better about Campbell getting some time. Got alot of respect for that pick and the things he did at Auburn are not all that different from the things that he is going to be asked to do in Washington. Both teams are actually structured very similar...They also noted on that Doug's first start was @ Tampa. Here's to hoping this #17s career turns out much better.

Is it wrong to be offended by the comment in WWE magazine about "Michael Jackson catching fire on pepsi, and Richard Pryor catching fire on coke." (from the Rob Van Dam "interview")

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