Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Anger Not Subsiding

Usually when I write an angry tirade about Raw, I feel better afterwards. But not tonight. I'm still livid. I think I'm going to go beat up a homeless person. Or even better a politician.


Anonymous Phil said...

I wrote my post-show piece for the site this morning, and struggled to think of the last time Raw was this bad. From top to bottom this was so bad.

To think I was going to stay up 'til 4am our time here in the UK and watch this live as well. I hate wrestling right now.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous mean dean said...

I had a weird hunch that I wouldn't miss anything on Raw this week, and despite being home and being fully capable of watching it, I opted not to. And it wasn't because there was something else compelling me, MNF looked terrible (and the Raiders delivered on that), and I spent my time playing Madden and perusing the 'net.

Man, what a terrible decision not to watch Raw, huh? I officially feel bad for you having to both watch and write about the show.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous the masterbater said...

Sorry, but I for some unknown reason watched Raw for the first time in like 4 months. I thought I would give it a try since I felt being lazy and not do anything last night. I come to conclusion that Raw sucks. Every match was perdictalbe and it was just a waste of my time. I didn't even watch the main event because why would anyone would want to watch two old fossils wrestle? I feel like I am watching WCW's Slamboree when they have the legends match NOW I would understand you would put two fossils in there to wrestle because thats something special to see, guys you haven't seen in awhile but to watch two old men (AND THEY ARE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPS?) whats going on with the world today? Obviously there is no respect to any titles any more. WWE is going down man just going down. I don't even like TNA, I guess I am going to have to quit watching wrestling all together.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Steve Khan said...

Have you ever read American Psych or seen the movie?

Anyway, I'll comment on RAW a little later.

8:54 AM  
Blogger harrogate said...

There was a _bit_ more to last night's Raw than you guys are crediting, though in general the program did blow something terrible.

Harrogate has written at length on the Maria/Umaga/Cena incident. He humbly suggests that reading it might somewhat reshape your currently surface-oriented interpretation of the incident, especially if any of you work in academia or busy yourselves as cultural critics in any way.

As for all those ragging on Flair and Piper, Harrogate agrees it's silly for them to be champions of anything at this stage, though they do make for great copy when they have a microphone in front of them. But people, let us not pretend that the Tag Titles weren't a huge joke LONG before Sunday. Indeed, compared to the Spirit Squad, there is every reason to take the current champions seriously.

Finally, get out and vote, everyone. Peace.

9:28 AM  
Blogger nevs999 said...

I'm beaming with pride as I tell you I'm almost weened off Raw forever. I've recorded it DVR style the last few weeks, meaning I can buzz through it in no time and see no reason why I won't continue to do so. Pretty soon, I won't watch it at all.

WWE is crap.

- Matt in Anchorage

10:52 AM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

The irony of the Slamboree reference is that the people that competed as legends at Slamboree were probably on balance younger than Flair and Piper. In fact I'd be pretty sure of it but I don't have time to look it up.

I saw the film American Psycho but didn't read the book (I always feel like such an idiot when I say that, but I read a lot more non-fiction than fiction).

Congratulations, Matt. I wish I had your resolve.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Charlie Kane said...

Keep yer chin up, Todd. It's going to get worse...now, with the news that Spears is divorcing Raw's number one contender, Kevin Federline, you can only imagine the kind of angle that they are going to use out of that. I really think WWE could go out of business and nobody would care.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous mean dean said...

Don't feel bad, I read non-fiction almost exclusively.

Am I the only one who can't get through Harrogate's posts because it's such a distraction to read third person?

5:31 PM  
Blogger harrogate said...

Yes, mean dean, that's much better than responding to what the posts have to say. Well done.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous MAZ said...

I've pretty much given up on WWE. Right now, I'd rather watch MNF, Fox News, Poker or just about anything over the WWE.

I do check back in from time to time, but usually find nothing more than a commercial and I'm not willing to wait out commercial air time to see what the WWE has to offer.

For Todd and anyone else who is having to watch the shit that they now call wrestling, I pity you.

Sounds like Edge has been buried.

Umaga v. Cena won't be getting me back to viewing any time soon.

What a mess!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Steve Khan said...

Reason I asked about American Psycho is because you said you wanted to beat up a homeless person. American Psycho was my first reaction. (The novel was very good btw)

It's amazing the WWE would book a match so far in advance (Jan 1) with a celebrity, when they should be doing that with their regular talent. They have all this time to build the match now.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

I figured when they announced it that might be because they wanted a date where they could do something with Britney. Obviously I was wrong. Guess K-Fed is just a hot ticket with a busy schedule.

11:43 PM  

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