Monday, November 27, 2006

Raw Report

Date: 11/27/06 from Pittsburgh, PA.

The Big News: Randy Orton and Edge got their heat on DX this week, although perhaps not so surprisingly they did so by beating up other people.

Title Changes/Turns: None.

Conclusive Finishes: 3 of 5.

Match Results: Triple H, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels b Kenny Doane, Johnny Jeter, Mikey Mondo, Nicky Nemeth & Mitch Mitch; Victoria won battle royal; Eugene Dinsmore b Hacksaw Jim Duggan; Jerry Lawler b Chris Masters; Matt & Jeff Hardy b Edge & Randy Orton-DQ.

Show Analysis:

DX and Ric Flair beat the Spirit Squad in a fun match to start the show. Ric Flair came out and said he wanted his feud with the Spirit Squad to end. He challenged them and introduced his partners DX. HHH said he is sick of beating the Squad, and this would be the last time we will see the Squad. The faces totally squashed the Squad early, with Shawn Michaels hitting a somersault plancha and all three faces strutting. The Squad briefly worked over Michaels, but missed a cool combination power bomb/splash spot off the ropes and Michaels tagged HHH.

HHH came in with a high knee, face buster and spine buster. He tagged Flair. Michaels and HHH took out two Squad members with sweet chin music and a pedigree. Flair, Michaels and HHH then put the other three in simultaneous figure fours and they all tapped. HHH chased the Squad backstage with a sledgehammer. He locked them in a locker that was marked to be sent to OVW in Louisville. This was funny, but they could have found a better way to split off Ken Doane if they want him to get momentum as a singles heel. MNM accepted the Hardyz’ challenge for December to Dismember.

Victoria won a women’s battle royal to earn a shot against Mickie James. This match made me happy. Victoria just destroyed all the rest. She double crossed and eliminated Melina. She dumped Torrie and knocked Maria off the apron. Candice threw her over the top rope, but she landed on the apron. She kicked Candice right in the face and broke her nose, and then sent her out of the ring to win. Mickie did a good job on commentary here. Victoria gave Candice a Widow’s Peak after the match for good measure.

Eugene beat Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Eugene was hesitant and nervous coming out, but slapped Duggan. Duggan took over with punches, a body slam, and a back drop. He went for the three point stance but Eugene left the ring. He snapped Duggan’s neck on the ropes, rammed his head into the post and hit a swinging neck breaker for the pin. Eugene after the match told people not to laugh at him and said he’s special. So I guess they want you to make fun of him for being handicapped, which is kind of sad given how they framed the character at first.

Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson spoke with DX backstage. DX invited them to a party for Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels said they had soda, chips, and a karaoke machine. HHH was embarrassed at how uncool Michaels is, which was quite funny. HHH promised booze and broads, which enticed Dusty and Arn. Even Ron Simmons joined them as they left for the party.

Next up was Cutting Edge with a mystery guest. Edge sarcastically congratulated DX for beating Spirit Squad again, and likened it to him beating the Hardyz repeatedly. He asked for his guest to come out, but no one showed, so Edge was going to leave. Randy Orton came out, and said he had the guest backstage. Edge walked back there, and they dragged out a bloodied, unconscious Flair. Orton and Edge called out DX, who had already left. Edge said DX only care about themselves, and that they would send a message. Both Orton and Edge gave Flair one man concertos. This was a very effective segment, and came across as more serious than most angles like this.

Jerry Lawler beat Chris Masters. Masters powered Lawler around. Lawler hit his fist drop off the second rope three times, but Masters basically no sold it, and just went right back to offense. He applied the Masterlock, but Carlito came out. Masters broke the hold, Carlito spit apple in his face, and Lawler rolled him up for the pin. This was a bad match with screwed up psychology and an awful finish.

Armando said that it is time for Umaga to become champion, and challenged John Cena to a title match. Cena came out, stared down Umaga, and accepted. Armando pulled Umaga away. This was simple and effective. They did a lame satire of the Michael Richards incident, with Cryme Tyme laying him out. It wasn’t funny, and WWE has some nerve knocking racism by having their racist caricatures beat up the racist.

The Hardyz beat Edge and Randy Orton via disqualification. Edge and Orton worked over Jeff, who tagged Matt. Matt and Jeff went for a dual spot off the top rope, but Orton pushed Jeff off the top to the floor. He went after Matt, and Matt fought him off, but Matt then missed a moonsault. Edge and Orton worked over Matt, who tagged Jeff. Jeff hit the whisper in the wind on Orton, and Hardy gave Edge the side effect. Hardy hit a pescado on Edge. Orton went for the RKO on Jeff, but Jeff escaped. Matt gave Orton the twist of fate and Jeff hit the swanton on Orton. They went for the pin, but Edge hit Jeff with a title belt. He gave Matt an RKO on the title belt to end the show.

Final Thoughts:

This was an average show. It had some of the improved build and focus of the past couple weeks, along with some of the nonsense prior to that.


Anonymous Steve Khan said...

"Randy Orton and Edge got their heat on DX this week, although perhaps not so surprisingly they did so by beating up other people."

Exactly what I was thinking when the show ended. They used Flair and the Hardys to get heat on Edge/Orton, but of course they didn't dare do any harm to DX.

It was funny that HHH acknowledged the fact that we've seen DX vs Spirit Squad a million times BEFORE they went on to do the match...again.

I guess DX will get the upper hand by costing Edge/Orton the tag titles against Cryme Tyme next week (or so).

11:41 PM  
Anonymous mean dean said...

I was thoroughly disappointed when they said the MNM reunion was a one time deal. What did Mercury do to be kept off TV, or had he been released?

7:23 AM  
Anonymous MAZ said...

For the record, I haven't been watching RAW, but I am reading your blog. It is so much more entertaining than RAW itself.

So I guess at some point in time HHH and Rick Flair ended their feud. It's funny that one of HHH's points for the feud was that he was tired of bailing Flair out.

I really don't get the whole, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Hacksaw Duggan, Rick Flair thing. These guys are just way too old.

Poor Edge. The best product in the WWE is wasted.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't get the whole, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson,Hacksaw Duggan, Rick Flair thing. These guys are just way too old.

Recognizeable faces that keep a nostalgic feel to RAW Im assuming.

This show must have been pretty good there wasn't much slander. Edge had a good run, it's time for him to fall down the ladder. Rated R Superstar, great gimmick, limited without Lita....and wheres the explanation for her split from him? She just retires when her "boyfriend" is in the world title picture.

Standing ovation for Victoria kickin that ugly bitch in the face. She needed a nose job anyway. I think they worked everyone, which would be spectacular.

No matter how "inside"... until you sign the WWE deal, you're never that far "inside".

12:12 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

Mercury was taken off TV because he had drug problems. He was sent to rehab and spent a long time there. He had been working in OVW, and I'm not sure what they will be doing with him after this.

3:32 PM  

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