Thursday, November 16, 2006

Piper DVD

I picked up the Roddy Piper DVD today. I've watched the documentary but not the bonus materials. It was a mild disappointment, with the reason for that being simple: more kayfabe. Yes, the return of kayfabe to WWE DVDs is officially not an aberration unique to the managers DVD. This has plenty more kayfabe, including Piper arguing that the referee should have been checking for a submission when he had the sleeper applied to Bret Hart at WrestleMania VIII and his shoulders were down. WWE as usual has everything backwards. They present their current product, where I would absolutely love to suspend disbelief, so ridiculously that you can't possibly take it seriously as legitimate even for a passing second. And then in the DVDs of old material where you are just looking back and would like the curtain pulled back since there is no need to suspend disbelief anymore, they pull the kayfabe nonsense. Very annoying, although fortunately in this case it isn't that overbearing kayfabe where they really lay it in thick that they are pretending it's all real. Here it's more them just taking you through the story, and telling the story like it was legit. And that to me is okay because that is the actual story and it's not insulting to my intelligence. Still, I wish they didn't do that on the DVD releases, because it takes away from the quality of them. The bonus materials feature plenty of Piper's Pit, which should be fun and the documentary is overall good in spite of my previous criticisms, so I recommend the DVD.


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