Monday, November 20, 2006

Random Weekend Thoughts

I didn't have time to talk about it previously, but I went to the first night of PWG's All Star Weekend Four on Friday night before heading up to Sacramento Saturday morning. The show went really long as usual, and left me really tired the next day. It was a good show, but only average by PWG standards. I think the best match was Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley against Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black in a nice little tag match that built well. Homicide vs. Christopher Daniels was a pleasant surprise, with both men working really hard and having a fun brawl. Daniels also cut an awesome and deserved promo on a fan after the match. Roderick Strong and Davey Richards over Super Dragon and B-Boy was good, but a little bit of a letdown. It was weird that they went to Super Dragon and Davey Richards hating each other so quickly. I figured we were still in the middle stage, since they don't have that much reason to be at odds at this point. I figured this would be more polite and they would really start feuding a little later. Samoa Joe over Rocky Romero was a disappointment. And the 8 man main event with the Dynasty was pretty sloppy and overall not particularly good. The finish was quality though. I'm still waiting for them to either take the title off Joey Ryan or stop with the nonsense WWE finishes. As far as UFC, I had a blast. Really fun show and I had an awesome view of the action. I'm a really big fan of St. Pierre so I was happy he won. Randy Couture was on my plane on the way up to the show about 2 rows in front of me, and I saw him in the airport on the way back as well (he got on an earlier flight, though). I'm addicted to live MMA.


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