Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Back

As you may have noticed, I've been pretty inactive in the last week or so. I went up to the Bay for Thanksgiving to see my sister and other family, and then I was in full preparation mode for a trial for my trial advocacy class which took place last night. With that taken care of, I'll have more time for other things, and I have a bunch of thoughts that have been collecting up. The trial went well. It was a hung jury, but we had the majority. That's also notable because the case was an age discrimination claim, and the people who played the roles of the people allegedly discriminating were older than the person alleging age discrimination. So that didn't help. But it was fun. You should have seen my cross examination. I was completely exasperated by the witness, and after battling with her for a while got the judge to admonish her twice, and then concluded with the question, "How are we supposed to believe anything you say?" That, by the way, is not a good question for those of you wondering. But it was essentially an "up yours" to a very difficult witness.

You should check out Justin Shapiro's ECW report from last night on the Observer site. It's hilarious. And of course I got the typical reaction of people telling me to come back and people telling me not to come back. Some people just can't accept there are different styles to doing reports. Or maybe they just think I suck at doing my style of report; I don't know. Anyway, to those wanting to see more of Justin's writing, so do I! I don't know exactly how I of all people am the obstacle to this, but whatever.


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