Sunday, May 21, 2006

PWG 5/21 Results

I'm going to get heat for this one...

1. Hook Bomberry and Bino Gambino beat Alex Koslov and Ronin when Hook pinned Ronin with a rollup.

2. Scorpio Sky defeated Human Tornado with a brain buster.

3. Kevin Steen beat Austin Aries with the Steen pile driver. They played off of Aries’ Randy Savage look, with Steen doing some Hulk Hogan mannerisms. It was a fun little match.

4. Disco Machine and Nemesis beat Rocky Romero and TJ Perkins.

5. Chris Sabin beat Joey Ryan via disqualification, with basically a Dusty finish.

At this point was intermission, and one thing I really liked about this show was that they decided to divide the card in two as far as vibe. The matches before intermission for the most part were light-hearted and comedy oriented. The matches after intermission were all more serious. That helped the show to build well, and made the later matches feel important. I hope they continue that trend.

6. Cape Fear beat Briscoe Brothers in a hot tag match with the reverse huracanrana and brainbuster. This got a standing ovation and chants of “please come back” for the Briscoes. Cape Fear delivers one of the best matches on just about every PWG show. This was a great match and the best on the show.

7. Bryan Danielson beat Claudio Castagnoli in some sort of bizarre experiment. Basically, Castagnoli put Danielson in a head lock for 15 minutes, with Danielson fighting to get out but never being able to escape. Finally he got out and rolled up Castagnoli for the pin seconds later. I really like Danielson, as in he is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world. I like his slower pacing, subtle psychology and technical wrestling. But this was just ridiculous. There was a portion of the crowd that turned on it. A portion of the crowd politely applauded, and probably would have applauded if both men took a nap in their respective corners as well. And another sizeable group, including myself, just didn’t react at all, because I didn’t feel like being rude to them but I didn’t want to encourage this nonsense either.

8. B-Boy beat Matt Sydal with a clothesline and Go to Sleep. It felt a little off early on, but picked up towards the finish.

9. Arrogance beat Davey Richards and Super Dragon to win the PWG Tag Titles after tons of interference and belt shots from Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan. Sky, Ryan, Lost and Bosh are now a new heel group. Richards wants to win the singles title from Ryan. It was a good match until the finish, which I hated. PWG over the past six months has done real damage to its singles championship, because Joey Ryan wins via a screw job every single show. It gets the wrong kind of heat, and the title means nothing because the champion never beats anyone and just coasts along with one overbooked garbage finish after another.

Luckily however, at the same time, the tag titles have been built up to really mean something. The title matches get great heat and Richards and Dragon have really elevated the titles by having great matches and finishes that establish they are the better team. I have been prepared to make a serious argument for them as one of the top tag teams of the year for the Observer Awards. They should be kept together, because what they were doing was working in a major way. Breaking them up to have one of them go after the singles title is backwards, because the tag titles mean more than the singles title right now. Moreover, if they had to be broken up, they should have lost in a match relatively cleanly to maintain the credibility that the tag titles had built up.

Scott Lost and Chris Bosh have not won a two on two tag team match since June of last year, and they have lost plenty during that time period. They only won this match because of tons of interference, multiple belt shots and other assorted nonsense. If your titles don’t symbolize the best your promotion has to offer, nobody is going to care who wins in the title matches.

PWG title matches feel like a countdown to this show’s screw job. That’s been tolerable because we still have the tag title matches, which feel like wars to determine the best tag team in the promotion. No longer. Now all the PWG titles have been decided by screw job, and symbolize nothing. This is unbelievably frustrating. If there was one thing in this entire promotion not to screw with, it was the tag titles. And they did just that.


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