Monday, April 10, 2006

Dumb Polls Bring Dumb Results

ESPN makes fun of the results of its poll on how NFL teams will do game by game. They should be making fun of themselves, because they're the ones that designed the idiotic setup when the results were obvious going in. I was actually thinking of writing about it here when I saw the concept. I hadn't even seen the results at the time. If you ask fans how they think their team will do next year, you'll get optimism, but the results won't be ridiculous. That's because they will be considering the season as a whole. But nobody wants to give up on individual games before the season has started. Most games in the NFL don't have wide spreads. So you ask people about game-by-game picks six months in advance and you wonder why people pick their own team most of the time? What idiocy.


Anonymous Phil said...

There's also tons of dumb analysis from ESPN like "Eric Moulds and Reggie Bush make this possible" for Houston. Moulds is a mediocre number two receiver who's only getting older and how is Reggie Bush going to take a team that had the league's best return game and an average running game and improve it by more than one or two wins TOPS?

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