Saturday, April 01, 2006


I watched the HOF in the background of the NCAA games (much to the aggravation of my friends), and for whatever reason it really underwhelmed me. I think it might have been that the induction of a bunch of undeserving people at the beginning made the whole honor seem rather hollow. But even when Bret came out, the moment just wasn't as meaningful to me as I thought it would be. It didn't seem that odd, nor did it seem as important as I thought it would. It just sort of was. I guess maybe that's a good thing, because we really have moved beyond Montreal. One thing that bugs me about the HOF, at least the past few years, is the idiot fans that have to make themselves a part of the show. Yelling things out, interrupting the speeches, making stupid comments. I guess that's what pro wrestling has become, where the fans feel the necessity to interject themselves. But I wish those jackasses would sit back, listen, and let these people enjoy the moment. It's the only respectful thing. I thought it was telling that Vickie Guerrero thanked the fans, but didn't thank a single person affiliated with WWE in her speech. And rightfully so. I would feel pretty slimy about the whole thing if I were a member of his family in attendance.


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