Monday, March 20, 2006

Soriano and the Outfield

This whole Alfonso Soriano/Nationals drama is really unique and odd. I can't think of too many situations like this, and both parties come out of it looking so bad. The Nationals were stupid to trade for a guy who they knew didn't want to play the outfield with the intention of playing him in the outfield. He's a free agent at the end of the season. This is not the formula for a happy player that you can keep in the offseason. And Soriano may come across looking even worse. Just flat out refusing to play a different position for one year? If you think playing the outfield would hurt your value on the free agent market, wait until you see what sitting out a year and refusing to play will do.

Of course it's ultimately MLB's fault. They're the ones that have delayed the sale process of the Nationals forever, principally so they could milk every last penny out of poor residents of the District of Columbia. Bud Selig and his MLB cronies seem so out of touch to me. Just a bunch of greedy, conniving liars and thieves, with no integrity or morals. Give me Bettman, Tagliabue or Stern any day of the week. It's amazing how much goodwill for DC baseball has already been squandered. And the Barry Bonds "investigation" is even worse. As if they didn't know exactly what was going on the whole time.


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