Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So Barry Bonds is on Steroids

Big surprise. I love it how this is such a huge story, as if it wasn't completely obvious to anyone with half a clue years ago. There seem to be two primary reactions: 1) We should withhold judgment until there is some kind of further evidence. This stems from the unbelievably irritating public misconception that because you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, that principle should somehow apply a reasonable doubt standard to the court of public opinion. Of course we can judge situations without a criminal prosecution. That's called human reasoning. The people who still want to give Barry the benefit of the doubt are even dumber than the people who did before. 2) This is an abomination and Bonds should be banned from the game, banned from the HOF, and banned from everything forever. This perspective is even more annoying to me. To begin with, I don't think it's that big of a deal, because everyone in this generation is doing all they can for performance, and the line between good, clean living and evil drug cheating isn't some bright line that everyone can see and everyone knows when they are crossing. More aggravating is that people still haven't figured out that this isn't an issue of exceptional athletes who cheated. This whole generation is just riddled with performance enhancing drugs. Baseball turned a blind eye to it, so why should the players bear all the blame? It just became accepted. Unless you want to throw out three quarters of the major candidates for the HOF in this generation, it makes no sense to single out Bonds just like it made no sense to single out McGwire before. It's just a reality of this generation. So whatever. I don't have some brilliant approach to the problem. I just think the overblown reactions are tiresome. It is what it is.


Anonymous Phil said...

Last night on Outside the Lines on ESPN, "respected" baseball scribe Ken Rosenthal actually said we still don't know if Bonds used steroids. I'd hate to have this guy on a jury if I were a prosecutor. He must think O.J. is not guilty becuase there were no eye witnesses. Bonds denying he used steroids is like Gene Okerlund denying hair loss. No one needs research or a detailed book to determine that a guy whose cap size has increased four to five times in the last ten years is getting chemical help.
The media's coverage of this story has been shameful and sadly typical. Ignoring the problem in wrestling is wrong too but at least it falls within a consistent policy of ignoring wrestling. Baseball receives tons of coverage and yet 2% of the guys who cover it have a real understanding on what's going on here. The singling out of Bonds is a major part of it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, he cheated. Just like a ton of other guys in the steroid era and a lot of others throughout the history of the game when it comes to things like greenies, spitballs and the various other things used to change the outcome of a game. I'm like you, Todd. Who cares? Having more concrete evidence of something that most already suspected is a non-story.
Feel sorry for me. I live in the Bay Area and this has been all that anyone is talking about. If Bonds were really creative and wanted to tell everyone to kiss his ass he should get Vince on the phone and make a guest appearance at Wrestlemania.

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