Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pats Trade for Randy Moss

And the NFL Draft coverage continues...

Okay. I think the trade probably will work out, and the Pats aren't giving up that much. Given that I think everyone and their mother will like this move for the Pats and expect it to work out, I'll half play devil's advocate and voice a couple reservations:

1) Pats seem to be on a troubling trend of getting arrogant and thinking they can deal with players with questionable character because they're the Patriots. And that can work occasionally. But the fact is they are the Patriots because they were conscious about those concerns for many years. You keep adding bad character players and eventually you have a bad character team. They've got 2 this weekend in Brandon Meriweather and Moss.

2) I understand the Pats had big time receiver problems last year and felt the need to reload. But it's quite possible they've gone overboard. The strength of the Patriots' offense has been that Brady gets the ball everywhere and to a bunch of different people. That unpredictability and unselfishness helps that offense work. Now you've brought in a bunch of people who are expecting their touches. And if Tom Brady expects that he has to get the ball a certain number of times to each guy to keep them happy, that upsets the whole dynamic. So I'm concerned they may in fact have too many established WRs.


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