Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dolphins Select Ted Ginn Jr.

Wow. That's one of the more surprising picks in years, both because I fully expected they were going to take Brady Quinn (who I like better than JaMarcus Russell) and because Ginn is an awful pick (total reach, injury question, receivers are total question marks in general). The commentators are now starting to tear into it, and rightfully so.

Other early thoughts on the draft:

I don't care how highly people think of Calvin Johnson. Wide receivers are total hit and miss and the Lions at some point need to draft other positions high. I think they took him in part because of the idea they were calling other teams' bluff and waiting for the right offer to come after the pick. But there's no guarantee it will, at which point they're like that idiot Jim Bowden not trading Alfonso Soriano before the trade deadline last year.

I'm fine with LaRon Landry going to the Skins. He seemed like one of the best defensive players available, and I've always advocated drafting the best player rather than drafting for need. It will be some question how he will mesh with Sean Taylor, but if that works out well, they will terrorize receivers trying to catch in the middle of the field.

Okoye and Quinn are going to be good value.


Blogger nevs999 said...

I'll preface this by saying I have zero confidence in Matt Millen and the Lions, but I'm not going to knock them for the Johnson selection at No. 2. The entire draft process is hit and miss, so who knows? A.J. Davis, the NC State CB the Lions selected in the fourth round, could be the next Deion for all we know.

Calvin Johnson was clearly the best player on the board when Detroit selected. If he's half as good as projected, the Lions could have a legit offense.

- Matt in Anchorage (suffering Lions fan since the day I was born)

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