Friday, May 05, 2006

Great Philosophical Question

Today I put to you a really deep philosophical question. Who is crazier: Ultimate Warrior or Iron Sheik? I implore you to watch the Sheik video and the Warrior video, and decide for yourself. As far as comparing their insanity, I think you have to take into account lack of connection with the real world, belligerence, and danger presented to society. Evaluating those criteria, it's a tough call. There's also tremendous irony in both. Sheik vows to sodomize Brian Blair because he considers him a "fag." And Warrior's point seems largely to be about the perverse nature of moral relativism. And he makes a hell of a point in that regard, only ironically he does so by putting himself very clearly on the unintended side of his right/wrong divide. By a hair, I'll put forward Warrior as the more crazy of the two, because I think he views himself as some sort of prophet. It's a good thing he wasn't born in a more violent region of the world, because I could see him doing all sorts of bad stuff in the name of some weird cause. Ah, wrestling. You've got to love it.


Blogger James said...

Hey man, you going to the PWG show tomorrow night? I'll be there. I'll be the short, stocky guy in a wheelchair. I figured I missed meeting you at the last UFC show, so maybe I'll see ya tomorrow. If not, then maybe Staples when I'm covering the show on the 27th.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Todd Martin said...

That's a good question, James. I was originally planning on going, but I've got an exam Monday that I've been studying for, and it will depend how much I get done during the day today. I will definitely seek you out if I'm there.

9:42 AM  
Blogger James said...

Actually, it appears now I won't be going. I was supposed to be going with a buddy of mine, but he had to cancel due to work and since my car is in the shop, I'm S.O.L. it appears. Looks like I'll be staying home and watching the Lakers game.
So, if you do go and see someone in a chair, chances are it won't be me. :)
I'll see you at UFC, bro. Good luck on your exam.

2:19 PM  

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