Saturday, April 29, 2006

Huge Numbers for UFC 59

From this week's Observer , preliminary estimates for UFC 59 are coming in at 400,000 buys. That is ahead the pace of Liddell/Couture III. And the way the PPV industry works, those numbers always end up increasing over time from initial estimates. Remember that just a few years ago 80,000 was a very good number, and average shows would do around 40,000 buys. Obviously, things have exploded, and UFC PPV events have quickly become an enormous cash cow. Liddell-Couture did very well obviously, and Franklin-Loiseau/Penn-GSP also did very good preliminary numbers (I heard estimates over 200,000-250,000 for that). The revenue for UFC 59 is in the neighborhood of $18 million and could top $20 million. If this trend continues, the speculation of when UFC will surpass boxing's popularity may prove to be moot. It may be on the verge of doing so already.

I've said for a long time now that MMA does a better job providing what I used to love about pro wrestling. It seems like a lot of people are picking up on this, and MMA has finally blown up. It's about time.


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Anonymous Phil said...

Well-deserved success for UFC and eventually the mainstream media will give it the coverage it merits though it will take a while. (Provided that UFC maintains this level of popularity which admittedly is in question.) Media coverage can only help this ascent past boxing and into the lexicon of nearly all American sports fans. Even if they won't watch it, they'll at least recognize it being there.

// By the way, I goofed and deleted this, so that's where that message comes from.

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