Friday, June 22, 2007 Pieces

I just realized I never added a link for this piece. I figured people would have seen it since they put it on the main page, but if you haven't, here's an article on the TUF finals, as well as thoughts on Shamrock-Baroni, UFC events and a lambasting of the Slice-Mercer PPV. And on the subject of Shamrock-Baroni, I'm picking Baroni via KO round 1.

Also, here is a gallery of the top UFC fights they would give us pictures of. The list looked a lot different when it started, but all the fights named are good fights and we got some cool pictures.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Should be fun - Shamrock vs. Baroni, Penn vs. Pulver and Castillo vs. Hatton. Plus the NHL Draft~~~!!!


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