Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I just saw the film today. Must say I was quite disappointed. I was really expecting to like it, since I absolutely loved Amores Perros and thought 21 Grams was great as well. I knew there had been some backlash to the film, but I figured that was to be expected given the style of the film. But I think ultimately it just isn't that good. I thought Babel was clearly the inferior film of Inarritu's trilogy, for very basic reasons. The characters for the most part didn't resonate with me, which limited my emotional investment in their suffering. The characters acted in stupid ways as well which limited my sympathy and just made the events seem pointless rather than tragic. Finally, the overall theme that tied the story together I didn't think was as strong as the other two. So overall it gets a mild thumbs down from me. Still well directed and acted, but ultimately lacking. Too bad.


Anonymous cortez said...

maybe you werent surprised by the usual story connections a Alejandro Inarritu film has? BTW, i think this film is over hyped, blood diamond was better

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