Sunday, September 24, 2006

TNA Signs Kurt Angle

This is certainly an interesting development. It makes one a little more optimistic about the state of TNA after the idiotic rehiring of Vince Russo. There's been a whole lot of subterfuge going on with Angle. I read his message about retiring from pro wrestling to pursue MMA as just a story to up his negotiating leverage with wrestling companies, and that's what WWE thought as well. But a lot of people, including Dana White, thought that Angle was going to sign with UFC, at first for a fight with Daniel Puder. That's still possible, I suppose. Angle could have agreed to a deal with UFC and also agreed to do some TNA. But that seems doubtful to me, because Angle would have to know he would need to commit to MMA training if he is going to do that. Instead, I suspect this TNA deal reflects his future plans. I'm not sure what to make of it on TNA's end. On the one hand, Angle is as big of a star as they could conceivably bring on board, and could potentially make a real impact in bringing WWE fans into the product. On the other, Angle really shouldn't be wrestling, and it's unethical to potentially assist a guy towards serious health concerns. TNA's lighter schedule does help, but Angle isn't going to half ass it in TNA. The other problem is that TNA is going to want Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle, when that matchup does more to take Angle down a notch than anything. The best way to utilize Angle in my opinion is to put the belt on him and give him a long run with the title that makes the title feel important and legitimate while bringing interest to the rest of the card. I have no idea where this is going, but I'm intrigued if not optimistic.


Anonymous Phil said...

Angle had to be significantly compensated from TNA in order to violate his non-compete clause. If he's forfeiting $500,000, then TNA had to pay him that plus whatever else he commands as a salary, I'm doubtful that they'll make that money back. Angle has never displayed a great deal of push-independent drawing power and that's what's needed here.
The ethical issues of signing Angle to wrestle are apparent as Todd pointed out, but it's not like TNA is looked upon by anyone as the moral highground in wrestling. So, it's disappointing but thoroughly unsurprising.

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