Friday, September 22, 2006

New Orleans Saints

A poll on asks how the New Orleans Saints will do. A whopping 73 percent of people respond they will do .500 or better. Put me decidedly in the under .500 camp. And if the odds on this are 3-1, it is absurd. The Saints have beaten two of the worst teams in the NFL by a collective 12 points. They aren't a good team. They won't make the playoffs. They only have to go 6-8 to make .500, but frankly I thought 6-10 was optimistic going in and 6-8 is better than that. It's a nice story, but nice stories don't win games.


Blogger Fish said...

I agree, although looking @ their schedule, I don't see 6 more wins in their future. Their below-mediocre status will rear its ugly head sooner than later. Drew Brees really only had one good year with the Chargers, and it took long enough to get there. I see the same thing happening on this young team, as it will take serious time to mature.

3:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my Browns you're calling one of the worst teams in football.

Oh...wait......they are. *sob*

6:56 AM  

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