Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"ECW" Report

Oh My God!: Big Show retained the ECW Title defeating Sabu.

You Fucked Up: Nothing really this week.

He’s Hardcore: Mirko Cro Cop.

The Extreme Rundown:

Paul Heyman began the show. He proclaimed himself the prodigal son and savior of professional wrestling. He put over the importance of Madison Square Garden and credited himself for bringing ECW to MSG. He said listening to the people put ECW out of business, and now he listens to himself. He said he knows better than the fans and made compromises with Vince McMahon that brought ECW from the bingo hall to the Garden. Sabu came out, fought through security, and jumped Heyman. They pulled him off Heyman, but he hit them with chairs. Heyman made Sabu vs. Show in an extreme rules match. Sabu then attacked security with a springboard plancha. This was a great promo from Heyman.

1. Rob Van Dam beat Hardcore Holly via disqualification. RVD blew a moonsault from the barricade on the outside. Holly took over with punches, chokes and a drop kick. Holly came off the top but landed on RVD’s foot. RVD followed up with clotheslines, rolling thunder and a monkey flip. He went to the top, but Holly crotched him. Still, RVD was able to knock Holly off the ropes and was ready for the five star when Stevie Richards, Test and Mike Knox ran in. Test gave RVD a full nelson slam. They beat on him 4 on 1 until Sandman and Tommy Dreamer made the save. Richards received a cane shot, DDT, and frog splash. This was not a good match.

2. CM Punk beat Shannon Moore. Punk got a strong reaction and chants from the crowd. Moore slapped Punk and jumped him. That advantage lasted only briefly. Punk hit a springboard elbow, back leg round kick, knees from the clinch, running knee, bulldog, and slaps. He hit the uranage and applied the anaconda vise for the submission. This was a total squash. Backstage, Kelly Kelly told Punk what a fan she is of his and came onto him. Mike Knox pulled her away.

3. Rene Dupree beat Balls Mahoney. Kevin Thorn and Ariel came to ringside. Dupree attacked Balls with punches, stomps and elbow. He slapped Balls, and Balls fired back with punches and a sit down power bomb. They went to the outside where Balls took a shot at Thorn. Thorn kicked him into the steps, and Dupree rolled Balls back into the ring for the pin. Matt Striker backstage belittled Sandman. I hate these promos. Whoever writes them misuses about one out of every five “big” words, and they make the gimmick come across as so phony.

4. Big Show beat Sabu. Security jumped Sabu early and Show gave him a clothesline and stood on him. Sabu hit a low blow and threw a chair into Show’s head twice. He went for the camel clutch but Show lifted him up and hit a side slam. Sabu hit a kick off the top rope. Show went for a choke slam through a table, but Sabu instead hit a DDT through the table. Sabu hit him with a chair four times, the last time sending him through a table. Sabu hit a chair shot and went for a springboard to the outside, but was caught with a choke slam through a table. Security threw Sabu into the ring and Show followed with a cobra clutch back breaker and show stopper for the pin. Both men worked hard.

Please Don’t Go:

This was just a show. There was nothing particularly good nor particularly bad. One thing that has increased my confidence in the ECW shows is that they appear to get which guys are worth pushing and which aren’t. This is imperative given the lack of talent on the show. Given the success of CM Punk on ECW, it is strange that they haven’t made any movement to bring in other top independent talents.


Anonymous mean dean said...

Show went for a choke slam through a table, but Sabu instead hit a DDT through the table.

Am I the only one tired of seeing that spot (the DDT counter)? I'm not certain, but I'd wager it's been in every single Sabu vs. Big Show match. It's getting to be as bad as how you'd see Angle's ankle lock get countered the same way, predictably, every match.

7:01 AM  
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