Thursday, September 07, 2006

MMA Star Rankings

So the Torch has gotten into the MMA game. Smart, given how much better it is than the pro wrestling scene these days. But let's just say I'm a little skeptical as to their approach upon discovering that they are giving star ratings to shootfights. This is an unbelievable absurdity. I'm not a big fan of pro wrestling star ratings to begin with. It seems to be pointless to try to do hardcore comparisons of matches and rank them given how extemporaneous pro wrestling is and how it isn't crafted like a movie or book with care paid to every section. Essentially, it always ends up descending into over-analysis in my mind. But MMA ratings go so far beyond this in absurdity. MMA fights are not fought for consumer consumption. They are fought to win. There is no point in ranking them, because careful dileniation of the quality of fights is pointless. I don't watch sports to see the best possible competition and artistry. I watch sports because I want to know who's the best. A fight can be completely undramatic and still be a really important and interesting fight for what it teaches you about the respective fighters. The whole idea strikes me as created by someone who has been following pro wrestling for too long and doesn't get MMA for what it is. You're never going to see anyone with a brain trying to decide whether a football game was **1/2 or ***, so why on earth would you apply that to fighting? They are fighting, not doing a freaking ballet. And even if the idea made sense, it's awful strategically. The MMA fan market is growing a lot faster than the wrestling fan market (which isn't growing). If you want to draw in MMA fans to your product, you need to establish yourself as a credible MMA source. And that's not going to happen when you associate yourself with a goofy pro wrestling rating system that fight fans are going to laugh at and move on from. So yeah, really awful idea.


Anonymous Tyson said...

The only reason I could think of for this is because it is a newsletter and gives the reader a system to decifer which fights are more enjoyable. But again, even that is flawed because every fight is different to every viewer or fan. It's also hard to talk about MMA as shootfighting as there are so many different organizations with all kinds of different rules. MMA seems to be a very large can of worms to be digging into and we're only scratching the surface in this country. The only question is how long will MMA hold America's interest?

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Blogger Swain said...

I find the idea of the Torch covering MMA quite entertaining.
Really, the only thing I find the Torch good for is almost real-time Raw coverage. And even that is pretty bad, considering I once read that Victoria pinned Victoria, or something to that effect.
I would ask if the Insider is covering it, but I don't want to send anyone to a site that hijacks your browser, and occasionally installs spyware.

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