Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun Times

I'm looking forward to the next month, as I've got all sorts of fun little things planned. I'm going up to the Bay next weekend, then going to Vegas the weekend after for UFC, then the next weekend is Battle of Los Angeles and I've got a good friend coming in to see that, and then the weekend after that I'm going to NYC for the best kind of wedding: the Jewish wedding. Mazel Tov! Of course the problem with this whole thing is school is starting up, and I'm likely to be very distracted and unproductive. Oh well. Productivity is overrated. I'm registering for classes now and will have my schedule set at the end of the day. I'm taking what should be a fun (albeit time-consuming) trial advocacy clinical course that will lead into some actual trial advocacy in the spring, and a seminar on criminal law. I get to add two more courses this afternoon, and it will depend on what is left. I'm thinking of taking an Islamic Law course with one of the preeminent scholars on the subject, and then maybe Wills and Trusts (a bar course).


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