Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"ECW" Report

Oh My God!: They are determined to get Big Show over as ECW Champion, and he defeated Kane this week.

You Fucked Up: Two of the four the matches this week ended in a cheap disqualification.

He’s Hardcore: Balls Mahoney hit the referee with a chair for disqualifying him.The Extreme Rundown:

1. Sandman beat Mike Knox via disqualification, because this wasn’t extreme rules. Knox before the match said Kelly can never take her clothes off in public again. Thank God. Knox said that Sandman hit her on purpose with the cane, and he would never abandon her. Knox is as boring on the mic as he is in the ring. The match lasted less than two minutes. Sandman hit a side Russian leg sweep, and brought his cane into the ring. He was going to hit Knox with it, but Knox held Kelly in front of him. Test came in and laid out Sandman with the TKO. Tommy Dreamer attacked both of them backstage.

Elsewhere, Sabu wanted a title match with the Big Show. Paul Heyman refused, and gave Sabu the night off. He then confronted Little Guido, who he accused of saying something under his breath. Guido didn’t do anything, but Heyman escalated the situation and the riot squad ended up attacking Guido. They threw him into a wall, and then Heyman had them drag him out to the ring for his match.

2. The Vampire, accompanied by Ariel the Fortune Teller, defeated Little Guido. Before the match, they ran a final CM Punk introductory promo. He said he was born in Chicago and raised on the streets. He saw a lot of people handed things while he had to fight for everything he had. He said he is disciplined enough to wait, but now his time is here, and he will debut next week. His introduction into ECW can’t come soon enough. As for the match, Guido was unconscious before the match began. Vampire won with the Razor’s Edge, and this was a pretty good first showing for him.

3. Justin Credible beat Balls Mahoney via disqualification, because this wasn’t extreme rules. Balls hit a power slam and kicked Credible over the top rope. Credible used leg drops and a Northern lights suplex. Balls came back with a back suplex, punches and a sit down power bomb. Credible went for a baseball slide but crotched himself on the post. Credible drop kicked Balls into the referee and brought a chair into the ring. Balls got the chair and hit Credible with it, so the referee disqualified him. Balls proceeded to hit the referee with the chair. Both men worked hard and this was better than expected. Backstage, Big Show said he would take on the best, and wanted Sabu. Heyman said he has his reasons for keeping them apart. They announced Kurt Angle will return next week.

4. Big Show beat Kane in an extreme rules match. This was the same plodding match we’ve seen a million times, only with more weapons than usual. Show threw Kane over the top rope, but Kane rammed him into the post. They brawled on the outside. Show rammed Kane’s head into a chair and hit him with a garbage can. Kane used a low blow and suplex off the second rope.

Kane went for the choke slam, but Show reversed and gave him the choke slam. Kane kicked out. Kane hit Show with a chair three times and Show fell through two tables. Show bladed. Kane went for the clothesline off the top but Show caught him by the throat. Show’s choke slam attempt was reversed into a DDT. Kane covered but Heyman pulled out the referee. Show hit Kane with a chair twice and choke slammed him on a chair for the pin. Sabu ran in and drop kicked a chair into Show’s head after the match.

Please Don’t Go:

This was better than it reads on paper, but that isn’t saying much. It’s next to impossible to have a good show with this roster. That said, the format isn’t that bad right now and things will improve with Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and CM Punk. The biggest problem with ECW is 90 percent of the roster brings absolutely nothing to the table, and that certainly isn’t true of those three. As an aside, it speaks volumes that WWE has Big Show of all people wrestling more on television than just about anyone on the roster these days.


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I was very impressed with The Vampire. I thought Little Guido sold him as very dominanating and the angle turned out really well. After the match was over, all I could say was WOW...which doesn't happen very often in wrestling nowadays.

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