Tuesday, June 13, 2006

E-mail From a Good Friend

I got an e-mail after the show from a friend of mine back east. We used to watch wrestling together at college, and he was a big fan. He lost interest as the product declined, and stopped watching altogether. I think it apropos after tonight's debacle:

"I realize I have not really watched WWF since Summerslam 2002, I kid you not. Probably the most I have watched since 2002 is 10 hours total. Any small progress I made this Monday (getting excited to see Mankind and Flair go at it) was quickly erased by the debacle of ECW. Vince sucks, I hate him. I want to puke. I figured I'd check it out to get my mind off the sucky Braves, but its the same old Vince booking. The Pat Burrell vs. Billy Wagner at bat tonight had as much heat on it as the entire "ECW" locker room. The only guy I could see in the intro was the Big Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course ECW guy (Justin Credible) gets squashed in 3 seconds by WWF guy (Kurt Angle), and there was a friggin ZOMBIE! (My initial laugh out loud turned to a "Who is booking this crap") The whole (actually 1st 35 minutes that I saw) was one big WWE promo."


Blogger brian said...

I'm with your friend. I haven't been watching WWE in recent years but still follow it on the internet in the hope that it'll get better. ECW seems like the WCW invasion part 2. People want to see an alternative, not more of the freakin' Big Show. The only thing that got me interested recently was the DX reunion, but even that's probably just because it's a good nostalgia trip back to when watching WWE was fun.

5:00 AM  
Blogger BDC said...

The show fell under the JRism, "ugly as a bowling shoe." They've made the mistake of trying to appeal a broad audience instead of identifying the core ECW audience and concentrating on making them REALLY happy. To use a magazine analogy, if RAW is PLAYBOY and Smackdown is Entertainment Weekly then ECW needs to be Maxim. Vince needs to install Paul Heyman as "editor" and let him sink or swim. If the same people are influencing all three shows all three shows are going to suffer from the law of diminished returns. Though if this tanks Vince will just redistribute the survivors with a draft, release the rest, write off the loss and forget ECW ever happened.

11:21 AM  

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