Thursday, February 19, 2009

Typically Asinine Article by Rick Reilly

And with a healthy dose of Reilly's patented phony righteous indignation as a bonus.

Apparently if you haven't been directly implicated in a steroid scandal, you're clean and wronged. So Reilly argues that the MVPs who have been established as steroid guys should have their trophies taken back and given to....ummm, well....Luis Gonzalez, Carlos Delgado, Mike Piazza and Moises Alou. Because there are certainly no red flags with any of those guys when it comes to performance enhancing drugs.

Reilly loves to glorify and vilify. You're either bad, or you're good. He's had years and years now and he's so stupid that he still thinks the story of MLB over the past 10-15 years is of a group of rogue evil doers who cheated all the good hearted citizens of MLB. All this time and he still doesn't understand the scope of the problem, the nature of the problem, or even the most obvious signs of steroid use.

It's like a parody of the worst possible analysis of MLB and steroids imaginable.


Anonymous Joebeck said...

That seriously was the worst article on steroids I've read yet.

It's difficult for me to admit, but I believe there's a grey moral area around steroids. In every sport people do things that are questionable in order to get a competitive advantage but are approved of by the silence of those who are in charge.

In tennis and basketball it's forfeiting education to spend more time playing and competing. In football, it's intentionally hurting people to take them out of games. In baseball, it's steroids. Obviously, all of these actions blur over into other sports, but these stuck out to me initially.

If you take men who are paid to compete and win and put up huge numbers into any situation they're going to find ways to enhance their performance. If the methods are deemed unhealthy, then it is the responsibility of those in charge to deal with the issue. If they do not deal with the issue, then it means they are deeming the action permissable.

Do you go back and take every amateur wrestler's medal away who unsafely cut weight before they placed restrictions on how to do it? Do you take away every football tackle that was a horsecollar because we now say it's wrong?

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Eddie T. said...

LOL! Todd, I'm glad you commented on this. I've enjoyed Reilly's silliness when it comes to the MLB for years! He's guaranteed solid comedy, but sometimes it does piss me off! Isn't he the biggest "matter of fact" guy you've ever read? There's no shades of gray when it comes to that man's opinion!

12:13 AM  

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