Monday, August 13, 2007

Crush Dies

I remember him quite vividly for whatever reason, from the period when he was a babyface with the orange outfit around 1992. I remember the introductory vignettes when he would squash pineapples in Hawaii to get over his finisher. The idea of squeezing a guy's head didn't seem so goofy as a finisher to me then.

He also had a memorable feud with Randy Savage. I thought it worked really well with Crush turning on his mentor Savage, and was Savage's last major WWF feud.

I could be making this up, and I'm surprised I haven't read this anywhere if it is true, but my recollection is Crush and Chris Benoit were in the New Japan dojo at the same time, so they were breaking into the same business at roughly the same time period.


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